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Monetizing Your Site

Quite frankly, this is the easiest part of the guide (although the rest of the guide is fairly straightforward). You need to apply for an Adsense account if you do not have one. If you are going to apply for one, please make sure the website is complete and a few weeks old before applying as a new customer or you will be rejected. If you do not manage to get accepted, there are many other options like Bright and Clicksor although they do not pay as well, unfortunately.

You now need to install a basic Google Adsense Plugin called WhyDoWork.

Simply click on Plugins and then Add New, type Whydowork into the search engine and install as prompted. After installation, scroll down to your settings and click on WhyDoWork. This is where you need to plug in your Adsense codes to make your ads appear. Go to and use the largest rectangle ad you can find. Try and match its look to the ad below.

After creating the ad, copy the code into your plugin as follows:

You will notice that the ad does not appear at first, it takes around 10-15 minutes. Please scroll down and set the settings as shown below:

Your ad will now display with your text (which I know you have not written yet) showing around it. Do not forget to click update and wait 10 minutes to see the advert. You may still not see the ad as there is no text or content on the website so do not worry about this. You can put the ads elsewhere, although I highly recommend you keep them at the top as I have or you will lose on click-through rates.

Now you want to add a widget to your website to hold another Adsense advert. Go to Appearance and then Widgets, you then need to drag a text box into the Sidebar tab and open it, like so:

You will notice that I have another text box above this one which says 'Other Recommendation'. I have also added Amazon affiliate products to this website as a test to see if it converts but I would stick to Adsense as you are guaranteed the payment on each click, unlike Amazon.

I would then recommend that you drag the pages tab into the sidebar below the text tabs, this will help add content to your website.

Now an important thing you must not forget is that Google Adsense states in its TOS that you must mention part of their agreement within your privacy policy. I would set up the privacy policy ASAP. The plugin is called Easy Privacy Police. Install and run the program and it will automatically add a link on your sidebar to the policy.

You have then successfully monetized your website, although I would Install the Wassup plugin or use Google Analytics to gain data on individuals and bots visiting your website.

Do not click on your own adverts or you will be banned by Google.

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