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Finding A Niche, The Domain, Keyword Conclusion

People often say to me, "You're mad! There is no way you can tap into niches and make money online!!!" Well, I have proven them all wrong time after time. There is indeed a way and this is the way…

Finding your niche is actually rather easy. The simplest way to find a niche is to use the popular software 'Micro Niche Finder' which will give you an actual idea of whether it is truly worth creating a website in that particular niche. But since most people do not fancy spending almost a hundred dollars on software, I will show you the old-fashioned way of finding a profitable niche.

First I would like to make a recommendation if I may. Get yourself a notebook or a pad of paper and when you see something unusual or come across something which interests you, jot it down. This will help you keep current with the niches.

After you have collected a few ideas such as ‘crazy color hair straighteners’, you need to plug them into the Google keyword tool. I am going to use the keyword ‘kodo hair straighteners’, so let’s go have a look at what kind of competition we're up against.

If you look closely, you will notice that there are 6,600 Global Monthly Searches and 4,000 local to me. You can ignore the local searches, for now, we'll be touching on those shortly.

You may have noticed that the competition seems very high. The Google keyword tool is incorrect a lot of the time in regards to the competition. I have found it best to simply visit the Google homepage and plug in the keyword to see the competition for myself.

Here are the top 6 sites on the homepage. I generally do not bother with anything below that as they are too far below the fold. I also have a fantastic Firefox plugin called SEOQuake which tells me the Page Rank of the websites along with the links to the domain or page.

I would like for you to concentrate specifically on the websites with the keyword in the header. You will notice that they have a Page Rank of less than 2. If you also look at the 'L' on the SEOQuake toolbar, you will notice that they have very little backlinks or none at all. This is what we are looking for which are niches with low backlinks that are easy to outrank.

Now I would like for you to look at the last link. If you'll notice, it has the best stats of all which is a Page Rank of 3 with 55 backlinks. But yet it is not ranking at the top. Why?

There is a simple explanation; the keyword is not within the title like all the other websites.
As the aim of the guide is to show you how to use Adsense as a Monetization tool, I suggest you visit and check the keywords click payment and advertisers currently in the keyword category.

If you look at the above illustration, you will notice that there are 14 people advertising with Adwords for this keyword and the cost per click average is $1.08 (0.54+1.62 /2).
This is a brilliant start as we have found a low competition niche with a high cost per click and plenty of advertisers.

The Domain

You now need to check if there are any free domain names for the keyword. If the .com is taken then try .net or .org. If they are all taken then just add info onto the end of your keyword, e.g. It works the same but makes sure you put the keyword first within the domain as it will help you rank better.

You can purchase domain names for as little as $10 from

Keyword Conclusion

We have found a keyword with 6,600 monthly views. We will hopefully achieve a click-through rate of 40% and then a click-through rate of 30-50% on our Google Ads.

So looking at this closely, if we achieve a 40% click-through rate, that will leave us with the following:
6600x0.4 = 2,640 monthly visitors

2640x0.40 (average click-through rate) = 1056 clicks per month.

We also have our average click payment which is $1.08.

So here the total potential for the month is $1.08 x 1056 = $1140 ±10%

I leave a give or take the value, as I expect the website to operate up to 10% below the target (max) or 10% over the target.

This would leave us with a monthly min of $1026 and max of $1254
Not bad for half an hour’s work, eh? Now the next chapter is where it gets a little more interesting.

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