An investment in knowledge pays the best interest..

– Benjamin Franklin


Have you ever been a student, wanted to succeed but your budget was slowing you down?

At 24x7 E-University we believe that education is the key. The issue is that only a good one can open the doors to a better future. After finishing their studies many graduates soon realize that getting a degree from a traditional university is not always the right path to achieving their dreams. Why? You name it: high fees, trouble covering all the expenses, outdated curriculum and the list goes on.

24x7 E-University aims to help overcome these problems by providing students with a platform which allows them to learn the skills they need in a time they have. We give our students a chance to improve their practical skills, give them guidance about how to lead their life and also broaden their horizon about various social trends and issues. We cover a broad range of topics including such as entrepreneurship, personal development or fitness, and much more that will truly boost your confidence and potentials in bringing out the best in you. With our latest curriculum, accessible links and professional approach in teaching, you will truly enjoy your study life.

24x7 E-University aims to be democratic and make the access to our courses possible for as many students as we can. Currently, we offer both paid and unpaid courses. The free education we offer is financed from student fees and advertising. Learning things anytime and anywhere from across the globe is very much easy with the 24x7 E-university. However, enrolling in 24x7 E-University is a great advantage for you. You will not only have a free access to education but also enjoy your study in your most convenient time. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now!


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We strongly believe that achievement will always be possible, and realized when opportunities are properly harnessed with adequate preparation. Our primary role, therefore, is to prepare individuals that are willing to take their destiny in their hands and stand very tall in their respected places of honor.


We are E-University, a free online Website of world class, equipping individuals through various programs that increase knowledge and skills. It  therefore  then  means that prepared  minds, by a click of a mouse or using other mobile devices, can learn anything at anytime and anywhere using our resources. We are open to membership in all our numerous courses which are relatively cheap and affordable. A close look at our courses will convince you that we exist to empower individuals, as well as groups, to take full control and exploit any slight opportunity created for excellence. Our membership cadre ranks in the following order of prestige:

  • Basic member
  • Standard member
  • Premium member
  • Ultimate member

From the above arrangement, each category of membership is earned by subscriptions within the provision attached. Payment can either be monthly, quarterly or one off in ultimate membership only. It is interesting to note that Basic membership attracts no subscription at all. Although it runs free offered courses, no course materials can be downloaded by any member in this category. Unlike Basic category, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate members have access to all courses and can download course materials. You can view our course fees and subscription method in our link below.


The primary goal of this online institution is to empower people [individual or group] with programs that make them marketable wherever they find themselves, either as employees or hired labor. Below are some of the over 500 courses that we offer for increase in knowledge and skills acquisition:

  • E- Business / E- Marketing.
  • Employment / Jobs.
  • Business / Investing.
  • Computers / Internet.
  • Cooking / Food.
  • Health / Fitness / Weight Loss / Beauty.
  • Parenting / Family.
  • Self Development.

With some of the courses you have viewed so far,

  • sharp minds can be trained to transform life and health with mantras,
  • the law of attraction can be used to achieve life desire,
  • dogs can be trained in the natural way and
  • best products can be created online.

In the area of entertainment and marketing, home business video production and marketing can also be made simple. You can equally drop unwanted fat from your body by simple Health / Fitness / Weight loss / beauty courses. In sports, we can graduate you from a trainee to a superstar, mentor or celebrated trainer using our resources.

If one must be relevant in our society of today, it must be measured in terms of knowledge empowerment, skills acquisition and exposure to current life challenges to offer an appropriate solution. If you must be hired like most professionals working beyond the shores of their country borders, or care to hire others as an employer, we can transform your dream into reality. The quality of our course materials is all tailored towards individual empowerment and of course, second to none. At 24x7 E-University, the culture is to make every member relevant for a lifetime, but it is much pronounced in the Ultimate membership category. Therefore, the target of every member should not fall below the projection of measuring up to this prestigious cadre of being an Ultimate member. Give us an opportunity by using the link provided to enroll in any of our courses; we, in turn, will project you as a lifetime professional of excellence and reputation, especially the Ultimate members.

...24x7 E-University...Powerful knowledge and skill at your doorstep to Excellence...!

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4 Easy Steps To Increase Your Intelligence

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Search for your course

Step 01Not sure what course you want to study yet? Search courses by entry keyword by selecting your topics.

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Take a Sample Lesson & Preview the Syllabus

Step 02Preview the syllabus for the courses! Our sample course will give you a feel for what it's like to participate in one of our courses.

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The 24x7 E-University Certification is provided to all learners who successfully complete their courses. 


How can I join the course?

Register a student account HERE, select a course of your interest and click on the “Purchase” button. Access to your course immediately once the payment is made. 

Can I study if I live outside the UK?

Yes, you can! The power of the Internet lets you study anytime and anywhere. Access your course at any time, from anywhere you can log on. 

How long can I receive the certificate?

The certificate will be provided as soon as the course is completed (except free courses and some simple courses ), which can be seen in your account profile. 

How long do I have access to the course?

BASIC MEMBER (purchase course individually)

There are no deadlines! You will be given a "lifetime" access to the courses you purchased.

STANDARD MEMBER (Monthly Subscription)

Deadlines depend on the subscription billing period you've made. You will be given an access to ALL COURSES! 

PREMIUM MEMBER (Quarterly Subscription)

Deadlines depend on the subscription billing period you've made. You will be given an access to ALL COURSES! 

ULTIMATE MEMBER (One off payment )

There are no deadlines! You will be given a "lifetime" access to ALL COURSES! 

I have another question, how can I contact you?

Please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page