“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

– Nelson Mandela


Why Get Certified?

Certificates proof that you have taken further studies and you have got skills and knowledge essential for the craft you are following either as a hobby, career, or business. Obtaining certified shows your dedication to learning that maybe be an attribute extremely wanted by employers all around the world.

Are 24x7 E-University certificates recognised?

It is important to note that 24x7 E-University courses currently are not accredited or recognised by any institute as it would incur expenses that would prohibit us from providing the courses free of charge.

Who issues the certificates?

Certificates are issued by 24x7 E-University.

Who signs certificates?

After verification of the learning activity and scores achieved in assessments, certificates are signed by a Certification Officer of 24x7 E-University.