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I will keep this short as it does not need to be dragged out. Simply, I want you to use WordPress as your platform for your website. I will not guide you through the installation process as this information is readily available through Google along with step-by-step help videos which are also available on YouTube and Lynda.

After installing WordPress, install the attached theme. You can do this by going to themes and then Upload or Add new theme. Just upload the zip file attached to this download package named

I now want you to make a decision because as you can see, you will have a banner with hair straighteners displayed. You can either remove this banner or take it into Photoshop and change it. To remove or edit, please do the following:

Go to your WordPress admin panel and then click on Appearance and then Editor.

You now need to go to ‘Main Index Template’ in the right-hand column.

Now find the following within the editor:
<centre><img src="" alt="kodo hair staighteners" /></centre>

If you wish to keep this image, you are more than welcome to use it and keep it pointing towards my website. To change the image, simply point the URL to the new location of the image within your website and change the alt to the keyword of your website. If you prefer not to have an image (which I do not recommend), please remove this whole line and click save updates.

You have now completed the design and that is all there is to it as I have already amended the coding with the design for you

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