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Ranking Your Site

This section may be a little bit confusing but I will keep it as simple as possible and break it down step by step.

What are Backlinks?
A backlink is a link from an external source to your website or a certain page. If you wish to gain a higher Page Ranking for your website's front page, you must link the URL to your homepage. If you wish to do internal pages then you must link to the internal pages. It is that simple.

Does my website need to be aged?
No. Your website can be a day old and rank in 1st position. Do not worry about buying old domain names as it really does not make any difference.

The First Step
The first step is to make sure that your keyword is within your H1 tags, H2 tags, and H3 tags. For example:

You can see that the keyword is in many places. This will help Google determine which keywords are the most important and rank the website correctly under that keyword.

The Content

I will now talk to you about the content that will go into your website. You are best off finding products such as mobile phones or perfumes than offering information about something that cannot be physically purchased unless you find a highly untapped niche. The reason being is that it is easy to find product reviews on the internet and turn them into our own. If you look at the number 1 ranking site for the keyword ‘kodo hair straighteners’ at the time of this guide being written, you will see that the website has many reviews. Simply take these reviews and re-write them.

The keyword you are targeting should appear mainly at the top of your article and then once at the bottom. Do not overuse the keyword, try and keep the density between 4-6% otherwise your website may be kicked aside by Google and counted as spam.

Here is a simple example:

Welcome to kodo hair straighteners review website, we have tons of information relating to the kodo hair straighteners and where to purchase them.

Notice how in the first sentence I have used the keyword twice? Save 1-2 keywords for the middle of the content and 1-2 for the end paragraph of the content. I have found in past experiences that it is best to write as much as you can but do not include other keywords e.g. do not add GHD hair straighteners as it will only confuse the Google bots and could mean your website is set as inconclusive as there is no real evidence of what keyword the site is trying to rank for.

You can, however, create a new page with a GHD straighteners post, although I would recommend you only find products created by Kodo as it is niche related.

After creating your 500+ word article (don’t worry if it is only 450), you need to make a few amendments. For example, it is a good idea to bold and underlines the keyword a couple of times as this will also help Google to determine the ranking. Do not change the color of the text. Keep it black throughout.

Building the Links

It is now time to start building the links. This is not as hard as you may think. Many will tell you that it is hard to build backlinks but do remember that there are millions of websites that have the facility to offer backlinks.

This is how you leave a backlink on another website:
<a href="">kodo hair straighteners</a>

There are two different types of codes that can be used. The first is an HTML code which is commonly used in blogs within the comment boxes. The second is BBCode which is found within forums. There is usually an indicator of which can be used although if there is not, just trial and change if the results are incorrect. You want to be able to click on the keyword and have it guide to your website.

Backlinks do not have to be of high PR to be class of value. Some lower PR backlinks are favored over higher PR backlinks to your website as they have more value and content.

To gain the trust of Google and other search engines, it is recommended that you find a.EDU backlink or.GOV backlink. There are plenty of Government and EDU websites that allow comments. If you find one with a forum which does not allow a signature, leave yourself a visitor message with the backlink included as this will be classed as a backlink to your website.

Another way of gaining backlinks is to write articles for EzineArticles or articles and include your link in the author bio. You do not want the article to rank for your keywords so please make sure you only use the keyword in your author bio and not within the articles as you could find yourself in a competition with your own articles. Here is a table for you to follow:

As you can see from the table, there are a lot of backlinks needed. If you do 30 one day and 2 the next, Google will not notice as it will take their spiders a while to index all of your backlinks, meaning they drip feed them, so you will get an even spread of backlinks to your website.

Another way to gain backlinks is to hire someone to do the backlinking for you which is feasible for those who lack the time to do it themselves. To check the backlinks to your website, type your domain name into Google and check the SEOQuake. You will find that it may come up with 1 backlink for example and you could have spent days making 100s of backlinks. Do not worry, Google can see them but it just takes a while for them to be added to the backlink finding services.

Backlinking is the essential part of getting your website to a higher place. Try and gain at least 1 backlink a week from an EDU site or GOV site, although if you are looking at the higher competition, many more will be needed.

Video Sites
Video sites are also another popular method of creating backlinks and general traffic without the chance of your backlink being removed. Just add your backlink in the description of the video box.

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