Two Effective Ways to Build Backlinks for Your Website

Two Effective Ways to Build Backlinks for Your Website

In this digital era, consumers seek answers for their simplest to most complex questions from search engines. Whether you need to find a fancy restaurant for a family gathering or a shop in your local area, you resort to search engines to find the answer. SEO helps your website to be 'noticeable' in the search engine results whenever your target audience looks out for the products/services related to your business. The higher the ranking of your business on the search engine results, greater are the chances of potential visitors becoming your customers. Thus, most businesses hire professional SEO services providers to achieve higher rankings, traffic and sales.

Whilst there are numerous ways to improve SEO rankings, building quality backlinks is one of the most results-oriented and effective SEO strategies. Backlinks are links from other websites/blogs that are directed towards your website. Search engines give high importance to the amount and quality of links to determine the website's credibility, popularity and ranking. As backlinks act as endorsements from other websites vouching for the content/product your business offers, search engines give them high priority in determining your ranking. However, most businesses and even SEO experts make a mistake by focusing on 'quantity' of links whilst compromising the quality and relevance. A link from a Sports Journal to your website on steel products will hardly be of any use as they are in no way related. Hence, the focus should be on getting quality links from a reputed brand related to your industry. Below are two important ways to build backlinks to boost your online rankings:

1) Article Submission: Create original and interesting articles that will spark interest amongst your audience and highlight your subject expertise. Do not annoy readers as well as the web spiders by writing promotional kind of articles. Write articles that would educate and inform your readers and entice them to share it with their friends. Additionally, submit those well-written articles to top Article sites with good PR and Alexa ranking. During article submission, you would need to complete the resource box with the author's name and services offered by your company. It also allows you to hyperlink two important keywords that would be directed to your website. This is an excellent way to build quality links whilst becoming known as an expert in your field. Additionally, if your article is unique and shows interesting insight, it might be referenced by others in your industry, thus resulting in more backlinks.

2) Directory Submission: Directory Submission service is an old but still very effective method of generating quality backlinks. As opposed to automated submissions, search engines give high value to manual directory submissions. Hence, manually submit well-written content with targeted keyword to popular and high PR directories. Whilst directory submission is a reliable link-building technique, many SEO specialists fail to consider key aspects, such as business niche, service region, and target audience, thus attracting irrelevant traffic. Deploy an appropriate mix of local, niche and general directories to get high-quality backlinks and good flow of traffic.

Article Submissions and Directory Submissions are reliable and proven ways to build quality backlinks. Whilst backlinks are crucial for boosting search engine rankings, they must be earned ethically without spamming. Bad and irrelevant links might get your website penalized by the search engines. Thus, hiring a professional SEO company is always a good investment.

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