Starting Career As a Professional Translator: online translation jobs

Starting Career As a Professional Translator: online translation jobs

I am qualified; I have got a qualified linguist degree from a well recognized university of my country. What should I do now? Which is the best place to start my career?

These are the questions which must arise in your mind, if you are a newbie, freshly qualified to become a translator.

Without going into deep & boring details, I will tell you what are the best places (in my opinion) to start working as a freelance translator, and what should be your working plan to enter into market.

1. Proz
2. Translators Caf
3. ATA is world's largest community of freelance translators. Translation agencies and freelance translators meet there, and these meetings end up in fruitful business collaboration.

Just go to Proz website, and register as a freelance translator. Try to complete your profile 100%. You will be notified every time when there is new job posted on website, many translators bid on the jobs and then outsourcers directly choose the best translator meeting his/her requirements.

Most of the jobs at Proz are awarded to those translators who have good Kudoz points and have paid membership status. Otherwise you have to earn Bronze points to bid on project.

You can also find a list of big translation agencies and companies on Proz and use this list to advertise yourself and tell translation agencies about your expertise and rates. But please don't send more than 1 email to a particular translation company within a period of month. Otherwise they may treat your email as spam and mark your email as spam.

WWA (Willingness to work again) entries earned on Proz greatly helps in getting more jobs. Translator's Caf

To the best of my knowledge, Translator caf is the second largest translator's community. Most of the users who create profile on Proz also use Translators Caf platform to get translation jobs.

ATA (American Translator's Association)

If you are registered member of ATA, it will greatly assist you to find work. Don't forget to mention in your C.V that you are professionally qualified translator and registered member of ATA and Proz (if you are). Many translation agencies only hire (or prefer) translators who are ATA members.

Moreover, you can also use free classified websites, Craigslist, articles, small but professional blog etc to promote your services.

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