Network Marketing- Getting Leads Is Not The End Of The Game

Network Marketing- Getting Leads Is Not The End Of The Game

One of the most prominent exercises for anyone that enters the network marketing business is to get as many leads as possible. Leads are contacts of people who can be considered to be potential candidates to join the network and expand the business idea. Earlier, these leads would be in the form of phone numbers or even addresses. The phone numbers would be pursued by MLM businesspersons by calling these people at random and trying to interest them into the idea. This method was known as cold calling, which had a very poor rate of conversion from prospect to subscribed member. The physical addresses were followed up by sending paper correspondence to the homes of these people which contained a litany of what the marketing idea was all about. But such paper communication had an even poorer conversion rate.

Thankfully, with the advent of the Internet, MLM marketers have found new and effective ways to generate leads. One of the best ways is through squeeze pages which ask people for their email ids before they can download a free gift such as an eBook or a newsletter. The person would not mind giving his or her email id if they are convinced it would not be used for any wrong purposes. The lure of the free gift is generally enough to get people to sign up into the opt in list. Most MLM marketers conduct this as a relentless exercise, adding thousands and thousands of names to their opt in lists.

There are other methods to generate leads over the Internet also, but the opt in lists are by far the most popular. However, there is one thing that must be remembered. Just building a list of leads is not the end. A list achieves nothing. What really needs to be done is to pursue these leads so that the people here actually go ahead and join the MLM opportunity.

This is where things become difficult, but not quite. You have to implement certain methods to convert these opt in lists. One of the commonest ways used is sending bulk emails to these people on a regular basis so as to gradually sell the idea to them. Repetition creates impression. The idea here is to send informative emails about once a week so that people slowly accept that they can give the idea a try.

It is also a good idea to inform these leads that they can get other free gifts from the website. This makes them visit the site again where you can impress them further with your updates.

Remember that converting leads into subscribers is a wholly different ballgame. The emails that you send should not look like sales pitches at all; they should be informative and always have the readers' best interests at mind. It is a difficult exercise at the outset, but once mastered and implemented correctly, the dividends that it can bring in are immense.

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