Why You’re Not Making Money Online…

Why You’re Not Making Money Online…


(Pssst... You Have To Take Action!)

I just completed teaching an intensive 3 day Internet workshop. Every attendee spent 3 days on the edge of his or her seat as we delved into the nuts and bolts of Internet marketing and sales as they discovered how to turn a small website into an unstoppable small business money machine.

And despite spending thousands of dollars to participate in this workshop, they share the same primary problems with most people who want to make money online, but are not.

Problem No. 1 - They are making things way too complicated. While I create millions of dollars in online revenue, most of what I do is basic stuff. I just do a lot of it.

Problem No. 2 - They are investing their time in creating complex websites and convoluted sales processes. That's not where the money is made for beginners. You can also get confused and overwhelmed as there are so many business opportunities and ideas out there.

Let's go straight to the bottom line. Here's what you should focus on to make money online as soon as humanly possible:

First - Pick a product. Any product. Yours. Mine. I don't care.

Second - If needed, set up your website so you're ready to collect money. Keep it simple. Don't be confusing. Don't try to be Wal-Mart. They have everything. You want to be focused on just this one item.

Third - Advertise. Promote. Market. Do it relentlessly. Okay, that actually sounds like work. It is. But, for very high pay ... in the bracket of former Enron execs. Remember, you're running YOUR OWN business from home

Of course, you can't do this relentlessly unless you actually run the first ad. A winning streak starts with the first win. An advertising campaign starts with the first ad.

And let me tell you something. People ask me, "How did I get where I am today?" "What did I do to get so big on the Internet?"

As I've said repeatedly. Over and over again. Ad nausea. Making money on the Internet is not that hard. Most of what I do is actually not that unique. But, what I do that's different from the average Joe is that I do a lot of it. When I find something that works for me, I immediately go into action to maximize my revenue.

My secret - and I wouldn't call it a secret that - is that I am relentless.

I market relentlessly. Constantly. Consistently. Day and night. Night and day. Often. Always. That's the simple difference.

There are a lot of smart Internet marketers out there. Many of them are no doubt much smarter than me. But, I make a lot more money. Why? Because I'm relentless.

What's the difference between being smart and relentless?

I know a lot of very smart - and well-educated - poor people. And, I know a lot of millionaires who don't look all that smart. I have a friend who's a high school dropout. His public company (he owns way than more half) will gross over 60 million this year and net 10 or 12 million. He's relentless. Oh, yeah ... he's also very rich.

I know a bunch of people who are not Internet experts. But, they pull in $10,000 to $20,000 per month online. They figured out the real secret of how to make money online...

You don't have to be an expert. You don't have to be smart.

You have to take action. Then, be relentless!

Yours in success,

Shawn M. Casey, J.D.


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