Why Cold Calling Doesn’t Work In Network Marketing And What Does

Why Cold Calling Doesn’t Work In Network Marketing And What Does

The whole world of multilevel marketing is quite deeply engaged with prospecting as many people as possible to join their network. In fact, this is the basis of success in network marketing ventures. That is the reason multilevel marketing companies are going all out to get lists of people who they could communicate with and convince them to join the network. These people are known as leads. MLM companies get hold of leads from lead generation agencies that give them highly dubious leads to follow up and try and convert them into members.

Now, following a lead is generally an easy process. Traditionally, it has been done by selecting any number at random from the list and speaking with them. This is a randomized process, but it has shown results in the past years. The method is known as cold calling.

However, today, cold calling does not work. And that is putting it mildly. The most important reason for the redundancy of cold calling in present times is the fact that you are randomly calling a person from a list. Now this person X could be anyone ñ there is absolutely no guarantee that the person will be even interested in listening to you. Most of these cold calls are met with abrupt denials and even slammed receivers.

Think about it ñ the person who takes the call is not at fault. When a person is busy doing something, if they are suddenly called out of the blue with a business prospect, they are certainly not going to be very interested in it. And there are enough pesky people from seedy companies cold calling all the time. If you cold call also, you are automatically degrading your worth.

So, cold calling does not work. What does then? This is the age of Internet marketing. Methods like posting on blogs and forums work. Article marketing is a genre that always receives wide attention. The beauty of these Internet based methods of promotion is that they bring in people who are really interested in the subject. Only if a person is really searching for an MLM opportunity will he or she land on an article you have written about it and visit the website URL mentioned below. Thus, this becomes a more focused way to get MLM prospects than blindly cold calling people off a list. It pays to learn these methods and use them instead of becoming all archaic and cold calling people off some random list.

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