STOP Making these 3 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

STOP Making these 3 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Did you know that there are 3 common myths keeping us from losing weight? And yet these are the exact 3 things virtually all of us who’ve ever tried to lose a pound are told to do.

I didn’t either until I saw an amazing presentation by certified personal trainer and weight loss expert Wes Virgin and creator of the Fat Diminisher System.

Wes has had amazing success helping people lose weight and transform their bodies, first his own, than soldiers in Iraq. Now he’s helping regular folks just like you and I shed their unwanted fat, improve their health, boost their energy, and just plain look better.

When I learned this, I asked Wes if he had any advice I could share, and he said,

Practically everyone who tries to lose weight makes 3 big mistakes… that they’re specifically taught and encouraged to make by the food and diet industries. So if that’s you, don’t feel bad.

It’s not your fault!

Mistake #3: doing lots of long, slow, boring cardio because “It burns lots of calories fast.”

Not even close.

Wes explained that while he personally hates cardio, it’s a fact that nature designed us to do lots and lots and lots of cardio.

So the more cardio you do, the more efficient you get… and the fewer calories you burn.

Now, if you love running or cycling or spinning, go for it! But it’s a slow way to lose weight because your body gets really good at it, really fast.

But what if you want a firm, toned, attractive, sexy body, rather than skinny legs…and a flabby tummy?

What if you want extra energy for your family, your kid, your parents, that special someone, rather than just burning it up doing more exercise?

What if you don’t want to take time out of your day to go to a sweaty germ-infested gym and wait for equipment, then shower with a bunch of strangers?

Wes has developed a fast and effective but fun workout program for all fitness levels to shed fat by building lean, toned, attractive muscle. So you feel great and look great, whether you’re a woman or a man, regardless of your fitness level…

In just an hour a week…

Not a day, a week.

Next: Mistake #2, which has made millions of us obese and sick despite our best efforts… and a tasty way to fix that mistake!

PS: Wes asked me to reveal the 7 Common Lies About Fat Loss the multi-billion dollar food industry wants you to believe. If you’re anything like me, reading it will change everything you think you knew about fat loss. It will blow away the lies standing between you and the body you want and deserve. And when you change your mind, you can change your body and your life. Click here to read it at

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