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Writing Your Article

With Affiliate Article Marketing, quantity is better than quality. It’s about writing lots of articles that are of decent quality rather than a few articles of a high quality. (note – I’m not saying that you should put out garbage articles, that would be just plain dumb. Although your articles need to be very informative, they do not have to be written from an English major’s perspective.)

It reasons that the more optimized articles you write, the more your chances increase of showing up in the first pages of Google’s results. Only choose to promote products which are based around a subject that you are comfortable with. If you don’t know anything about Golf, how can you write an article about it without a lot of research and a lot of wasted time? This is one thing that so many people seem to be doing wrong and then they wonder why it takes them two or three hours to write a decent article. However, if you know your content, you can just sit down and start writing – no (or very little) research required.

Write shorter articles instead of longer ones. If more is better, then it makes much more sense to write two 300-400 word articles then one 600-800 word article. It virtually takes the same amount of time and pretty much doubles the income you can earn. It won’t help you rank better in Google to have a few hundred extra words
Write “how to” or “tip” related articles. If you’re writing an article about a red widget that saves time, then your article could be on “How to Save Time” or “5 Time Saving Tips” where you would provide the content and then introduce the red widget at the end as the solution either in the content of the article (if allowed by the article directory) or in your signature. Or you can simply write a review of the product or service that you have settled on promoting.

Hint – I find that articles that contain a number in the subject seem to get a lot more reads than others. For example “8 easy ways to increase your golf game”.

It also helps not to edit for spelling, grammar, and sentence structure while you type. It saves tons of time to do that at the end – only once you’re done writing. Add it to your blog and ping the directories ( and submit it to the article directories.

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