5 Years Of Email Marketing Secrets

Why Email Marketing?

Okay, so why bother with email marketing? After all, with today’s spam filter and the can spam laws and deliverability at an all-time low, isn’t it more sensible to just participate in promotional strategies like pay per click and article marketing?

The simple answer is this.
Email marketing is a 2 trillion dollars a year business worldwide. Wrap your head around those figures. Yes, that’s also counting all the income generated from spammers, but even without them, it is clear to see that email marketing is still a very lucrative way to generate an income online.

Having said that, you can’t just slap any old email together. And the reason I know this is because I’ve conducted many tests and emails that I put absolutely no thought into, or used a canned ad from a merchant, never performed as well as my own emails. So yes, some skill is still required. But with just a few basics, email marketing can easily earn you thousands of dollars monthly.

But if you need real stats, here are my personal statistics for email marketing for the past three years.
2005 - $12,713
2006 - $25,432
2007 - $62,208
And this year, 2008, I am heading for a $100,000 year from email marketing alone.
So it’s time for you to get a piece of this multi-trillion dollar a year industry.
I’ll show you how.

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