Making money online with CPA marketing

Why Are CPA Networks Booming?

CPA network offers to provide advantages to both the publisher and the advertiser in a tough economy. Many consumers aren't willing to buy things as easily as before, and so pay-per-sale offers are harder to convert for publishers. However, a consumer might be more willing to hand out information that an affiliate advertiser can be used to market to them later, and that provides some value to the advertiser, too. So publishers find a CPA offer is easier to convert into income in a recession and an advertiser finds that he can still build a great contact list and get visitors more involved in his products and services by using a CPA offer.

Let's take a quick look at a traditional online marketing strategy using PPC offers, to understand why CPA networks can be perceived as having a higher value. When an advertiser decides to implement a PPC campaign, they target a bunch of keywords that a search engine like Google will use to serve up a bunch of ads to people who search for those particular terms. Those visitors then go to a site where the ad is being published, click on the link, and go to the advertiser’s offer. However, the advertiser doesn't know who has clicked, has gathered no information on that potential buyer, and can only hope that the click converts to a sale. Even if it doesn't, the advertiser will still have to pay for the clicks and many advertisers simply want a little more for their money.

Add to that the frustration of click fraud and campaigns that run over-budget with few ways to determine how much they actually impacted sales, and you can see why some advertisers are beginning to opt for CPA offers that cost them less money and will, at the very least, generate a lead if not a sale.

However, it's not just the advertisers who are getting additional benefits from CPA network offers. Publishers are finding that the offers are much easier to implement and the payouts can be higher than a traditional PPC campaign. At rates of $1 to $50 for an offer that generates a valid lead, and with conversion rates of 20%, the take for a publisher can be higher with much less stress and worry. That's because publishers do not have to create landing pages for a CPA offer if they don't want to; additionally, they don't have to research keywords, grab traffic to their site first, and then send them on to the affiliate. Instead, they can go directly to where the biggest traffic sources are online and post a link there directly to the CPA network offer they are promoting. In many cases, the legwork to get a CPA offer up and running is minimal, when compared to a PPC campaign.

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