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Ways To Build Your List

All the email tips you’ve received so far, at least as far as your personal list, are meaningless unless you know how to effectively build that list in the first place. Now, there are tons of ways to build your opt-in list. However, the ones that I’m going to go over here are the ones that I have found to be the most effective.


I’m talking about a REAL newsletter and not just a bunch of follow-ups where you’re making one sales pitch after another. You want to provide a steady diet of real and useful content to your subscribers. One of my newsletters is 52 weeks long. That’s a year of solid information.

But you can’t just stop there. So many newsletters are a drag to try to read. So in addition to informing your list you want to keep them interested. That means you can’t write like a dry rock. You need to put some life into your writing, or 52 weeks can seem like an eternity.

Now, mixed in with your content, you can throw in an occasional sales pitch. If you’ve given your subscribers some great content, they’re not going to mind. And the ones that do and unsubscribe, they were never going to buy anything from you anyway. A newsletter is a two-way street, believe it or not.

Free Report/Download/Software

Give something away. It could be a report on the niche you’re in. It could be a download of some kind. Maybe a piece of software that performs a valuable function in the niche.

If you give your opt-in something that is really useful in exchange for their email address, they’re not going to mind. The best use of this is with a free product that is limited as to what it can do, where the paid version is much better than the free version. Look at sites like Wordtracker. Their free keyword research tool is fine, but the paid version is just awesome for getting long tail keywords. This is a perfect example of how the free product almost sells the paid version all by itself.

Free Ecourse

This is more than just a free report. I’m talking about a complete course on some topic for free. Now, I know what you might be thinking. Isn’t that like giving a valuable ebook away for nothing? If I do that, what do I sell them?
This is the kind of scarcity mentality that people like Frank Kern and John Reese have gotten away from. They have really moved the tree line. They give stuff away that most marketers charge for. It’s no wonder these guys are multi-millionaires.

If you want to really impress your list, give them a complete course on list building or copywriting or article writing or something that is really going to help them with their marketing efforts.


This is a really great way to build an opt-in list quickly. Run a contest. Give the winner a great prize. Either give them a great cash award or a product of yours for free.

The only downside to contests is that you can’t run them forever. Eventually, you have to pick a winner. So usually running contests to build your list is a short-term quick list builder. However, if you promote it heavily enough, you can build a huge list in a very short period of time.

Free Membership

If you have a member’s site, offer free membership for a brief amount of time so that they can see what they get if they become a paid member.

This works great when you have membership sites that get new content each month, such as if you have a niche marketing membership where they get a new product, sales page and squeeze page each month. After getting the first month, they’re going to want to get more in the coming months.

This will also work very well with a membership site that provides a service like Aweber. Can you imagine giving somebody a month free to build an opt-in list? After they’ve built a decent sized list in 30 days,
they’re not going to want to give up the membership and more likely than not, they’ll become a paid member.

Today, everybody is into article marketing. Marketers have learned that content is king. Well, imagine offering something like 10 to 20 articles just for the opt-in. Think a ton of people won’t jump on this?

Then, what you do is offer a paid membership where each month, the member gets more articles for a reasonable fee.
The great thing about this income model is that you can outsource the article creation as long as you have a large enough membership base to make it worth your while.

Free Promotion

I did this with one of my first products. I offered to promote the prospect’s opportunity in my advertising directory. I offered the first month free and then after that, for just a small fee, they could continue advertising in the directory.
If you have a site that is very visible with a lot of traffic and a high PR, you can easily get people to go for this, especially since all it’s costing them is opt-in.

About 20% of those people will continue on and pay for advertising in the coming months.
These are just a few ways to build your opt-in list. They all work if you put the time in to make the offer worthwhile.

Remember, for the subscriber, it’s WIIFM (What’s in it for me?)

Now, you can use these techniques with your safelist AND FFA emails. I find that they work just as well with them as they do with submitting articles to directories.
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