Advanced Affirmation And Attraction

Visualizing what you want

In this video, visualizations are a powerful tool that will assist in your visualization.

- When you start to visualize what you want, you will start to feel the sensation of what it is like to have achieved what you have already achieved.

- For example, if you picture yourself going on a cruise to the Bahamas, you will visualize by feeling the air, smelling the sea breeze, hearing sounds of the beach and even enjoying the feeling of actually being there.

- When you are able to ‘anchor’ on the emotion of actually succeeding, then your visualization is a success!

- Now that you have that feeling, start affirming the feeling and the sensation of success - as though you have already achieved it.

- You can do this for as many dreams you can visualize, but try to pick the best one to start with first because you will need to stay focused on one or two in order to be effective.

Next video, we will show you how to write your affirmations script.

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