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Understanding Motivation

Before you can begin to work on motivating yourself you really need to understand what motivation is and how to apply it to your life. Let’s start by defining the word motivation.

There are two main definitions of motivation:

1.Are ason that you have for acting in a certain way

2. Your desire to do something in a certain way

The desire and reasons for you to take action have to come from within yourself. It is an internal action that gives you that spark to reach a goal big or small. When someone is motivated to working towards a goal the only way you can see this is by their behaviour. Otherwise you cannot tell if someone is truly motivated or not.

There are many words and actions associated with motivation including:

Drive Action Incentives Goals Need Wants Desires

Not every desire or goal you have can be described as motivational, as some basic needs are the ones that must be met regardless of any situation. These needs would be food and shelter and are often classified as physiological needs. You don’t even think about being motivated to provide for your family. Instead you automatically make choices which deliver these results.

If you are not happy with your life and are trying to make changes and not totally succeeding then there are ways to jump start your motivation. Additional reasons for wanting to become motivational include:

Wanting to belong to a group or to just fit in socially
To improve your self esteem and learn how to earn respect from others To realize your full potential

In the following chapters we will cover certain aspects of your life that you might like to improve. Just follow along by reading the helpful information section and then using one or more of the tips that we provide for you. You may even like to jot down your goals and the tips that you use on a spreadsheet so you can keep track of your motivation.

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