Unauthorized Copyright

eBay has a policy in place that prohibits infringement of copyright laws. This policy is called the “anti-circumvention” policy. This policy makes it illegal for you to list or sell any items, such as software, hardware products or books, which will allow buyers of these items to make unauthorized copies of the following media or learn how to do so:

• Software programs
• DVDs
• CDs
• Books
• Video games

If any sellers are in violation of this policy the listing sale will be closed early and the seller may have their eBay account suspended if they are found to be in violation of the anti-circumvention policy more than once. Bootleg copies of media are also prohibited under the anti-circumvention policy. If you’re selling media, and you’re unsure of the source, you should check out the background of the product beforehand so that you don’t find out later that you are in violation of the policy.


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