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Tricks for Boosting Your Fan Following Part 2

We’ve discussed a few different ways to increase your Facebook fans, from giving them an incentive to like your page to cross-networking with other businesses to get more exposure to your Facebook page. There are many other great ways to boost your fan following as well.

Ask Your Fans to Share

One of the best ways to get your fans to “share” your statuses, which can significantly increase your fan following is to simply ask. One great method is to post a clever picture or status and say, “Share if you agree!” For instance, if you’re a bookstore and you post a picture that says, “Boys in books are just better,” and then add the “share if you agree,” you’re going to get a lot of shares. These will be from individuals who love reading and who have connected with the characters in books. Make sure you’re clever about it and that you post something individuals truly want to share.

Mention Other Pages Frequently

While we’ve already discussed cross-marketing, you can gain new fans by simply mentioning pages that are similar to yours or those that are in the same type of industry. When you mention other pages, you not only gain their appreciation, but you expose your page to all of their fans as well. This is perfect, especially if your fan page name specifically states what industry you’re in. Many people will become curious and then click on your name to find out more about you. This is a perfect way to get more fans without expending a lot of effort or money.

Ask on Other Social Networks

Let your fans and friends on other social networks know that you want to connect with them on Facebook as well. This might include your Twitter account, Google + and more. Let them know you’ll return the favor and like their page as well, and chances are, you’ll get a number of new likes. Again, it’s essential to ensure that the pages are in the same niche or a related niche as you.

Email Contacts

One great way to gain a number of fans quickly is to forward the link to your page to your contacts and ask if they will spread the news to their contacts. Most will be more than willing to help, and it’s a great way to get exposure for your page among a whole new group of individuals. It’s easy for people to do as well because all they have to do is hit “forward.”

Overall, there are a lot of things you can do to drive traffic to your Facebook page. We’ve discussed contacting old friends, using popular websites and much more. In the next section, we’ll discuss something else you can use; those are Facebook ads

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