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When you sell your domain name, you will want to ensure that the transaction goes through successfully prior to handing over the domain name to your customer. One easy way to manage domain sales is by using an Escrow service, where a middleman works at managing the sale by accepting payment from your customer, and transferring it to you once they have verified that the domain name has been transferred over. With, you will pay a fee for using their services, so it's recommended that you only use it with larger domain sales. Paypal will suffice for smaller domain sales.


When someone purchases a domain from you, depending on the registrar that you use, you may be required to obtain specific information from your buyer in order to push the domain into their account. For NameCheap, all you need is the buyers NameCheap username which is quick and simple, another reason I tend to use them for domain flipping. With however, you are required to have more information available regarding your buyer and their GoDaddy account. Simply create an email draft within your Gmail account that thanks to your buyer for their purchase and requests the information that you need. By doing this, you can simply copy and paste that email to each buyer after a successful sale and let them follow up with their information.

If using NameCheap be sure to include the fact that they must complete their NameCheap profile entirely or NameCheap will not allow incoming domain pushes. It only takes a few minutes for them to fill out their profile, but it‟s required and will save you time from attempting to push a domain only to be told that the buyer's profile is incomplete.

Once again, be sure to communicate with your buyer and push the domain to them as quickly as you can after you have received payment. I would also recommend not accepting checks from Paypal as they take time to clear and will delay the process and cause more work on your end by having to remember to check when it has cleared, etc. And finally, be sure that your buyers pay you BEFORE you push the domain to them. This might be obvious to you but it needs to be said, as I have talked to many new domain flippers who push the domain immediately only to never receive payment. Once the domain is pushed over it‟s not always easy to get it back. The most activity that will take place within your auction is during the last hour that it‟s available. This is when the bidding wars start to happen and people attempt to outbid each other or snag it at the last minute. Because of this, you want to pay close attention as to when your auction will end. If you list it on a 7-day auction plan, and you start the auction on a Saturday, it will end the following Saturday.

The problem with this is that the weekends tend to be slower online in general, and on eBay, I have also experienced fewer bids and less activity if my auction ended on either Friday night, Saturday or Sunday. My suggestion is to make sure that your auction will end on a weekday, any weekday will do. I tend to use the 7-day auction plan and list on Mondays regularly, so I keep a schedule and routine going that is easy to follow (and remember). Another important thing to remember is the times that your auctions will end in between one another. For example, if I list two auctions on Monday and it takes me ten minutes in between listing them, they will expire ten minutes apart. This isn't‟t always wise because if you have one buyer interested in both auctions they may not have the time to focus on bidding on both. Therefore, I suggest timing your auctions 15-30 minutes apart, meaning; create one.. go for a short break, come back and list the second and so on.


When registering a lot of domain names, it's wise to use coupons that will save you a few bucks on the registration process. It will quickly add up to thousands of dollars in savings.

One of the best sources for current coupons and discounts can be found at Just enter in the domain registrar that you are planning to register your domains with, and RetailMeNot will search its database to determine whether there are existing coupons available. I have always found discounts on and just by browsing RetailMeNot, and for the most part, many of these coupons never seem to expire, and those that do are quickly replaced with fresh offers, so be sure to make a habit of checking for coupons prior to registering your domains. Another important thing to keep in mind is that with many registrars, you are not permitted to transfer domain names to another registrar for a period of time, even if you are unhappy with their service.

In the case of GoDaddy, you are allowed to push domains to your customers instantly, but are unable to transfer domains from GoDaddy to another domain registration service for a period of 60 days, so keep this in mind when selecting your chosen provider. If you are just getting started in domaining, you might want a second opinion on the domain names you are considering purchasing. Many new domain vendors will post their intended domains on domain-based forums, such as asking for evaluations and advice. Be careful with listing domains that you have yet to purchase, as it just might end up registered by someone else viewing the forum, and seeing value in your domain. You can, however, post domains that you have already registered if you are looking for advice on what price to list it at, or what starting bid to accept on online auction sites. There are many helpful domain communities online available to help you get started on the right foot.

Take advantage of this opportunity by being active in these circles, and helping others as you become more experienced yourself. There is yet another reason to participate in domain-based forums, and that is to be able to purchase affordable domain names that can be sold on other marketplaces.

Most domain based forums, such as,, and categorize their domain sales into different groups, such as: "Domain Auctions", where interested parties can bid on the domain name. "Domain Fixed Price", where domain names are sold at specific rates and the first one to pay the requested price claims it. "Domain Offers", where domain holders are requesting offers on their portfolio of domain names, most of which may take place privately. And finally, be careful when purchasing domain names from forums where the price just seems too good to be true. Often times, vendors will sell domains after they have been banned by Google (for breach of terms, including falsifying page rank, participating in link farms, breaking Adsense terms of service, etc).

You can easily validate any domain name you are considering purchasing hasn't been banned by visiting or and entering the domain name.


Domain Suggestion Tools:

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 - Paid domain service, but well worth it. You will be provided with raw listings of expired domain names as well as domains that are currently on hold or in the redemption period.

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FreshDrop - Free tool to research domain names that have recently expired. It also features information relating to these domains such as page rank, domain age, and search engine listings.

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