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In some respects, traffic is all that matters. After all, without visitors, you have no one to convert into revenue. On the other hand, traffic in-and-of-itself isn't the answer to anything - one million visitors in the 8-to-18 age group won't do anything for your site about homeowner insurance.

Perhaps the most common woe among internet marketers is "not enough traffic". Many of us consider "traffic" to be the 'missing link' to our success: if we had enough traffic, everything else would somehow work itself out.

It even overshadows our keyword research objectives: if we could only find that 'golden' keyword - the one with huge search volume and little competition - or at least somehow hit that Top Spot for one of those high-volume keywords, we'd have so much traffic coming to our site, everything else would somehow work itself out.

We're as guilty as anyone in pandering to this idea - prior versions of this course focused on "traffic".

So, what's the problem?

The problem is that "traffic" isn't the answer to anything, and a flood of it won't make your website or business successful.

On the other hand, "buyers" can, and will.

By "buyers" I don't necessarily mean "people who buy things". I mean "visitors who are qualified conversion candidates". Said another way, "buyers" are: "visitors who are interested in the topic of your site, and can be motivated to buy from you, provide their email address, or click an ad".

"Ok, I get it.." you reply. "But aren't we 'splitting hairs' here? I mean, of course, we want people who are going to BUY something, or whatever else you said... but it's still 'traffic', or at least 'qualified traffic', right? There, that's it - "qualified traffic" is what we want!"

Yes, "qualified traffic" is another way to say it. But what we find is that the pursuit of "qualified traffic" often ends up simply being the pursuit of "traffic" with a little bit of "qualified" thrown in.

Having said all that, we're going to work on "traffic generation", not "buyer generation". But keeping that goal of "qualified buyer traffic" in mind will help us realize that traffic just for the sake of traffic is wasted effort.

Another consideration is that many of the 'non-paid' methods for going after 'buyers' exclusively requires a great deal of effort and isn't scalable.

Back at Headquarters (that would be Analogy Marketing World Headquarters, otherwise known as... 'the office'), we've been working more and more with paid traffic. Free traffic is nice, but it will not scale beyond a certain point, and typically has a required "time-to-volume" ratio.

When we have more money than time, buying traffic becomes the ONLY way to go.

If we had to distill “$100k Affiliate” into 2 'parts' or objectives, it would be (1) building a strong, quality affiliate marketing site, and (2) getting qualified visitors to the site.

Traffic, Promotion, and the Social Web

Today, we simply must take the Social Web into account if we intend on building a long-term, sustainable internet marketing business.

And it is in traffic & promotion where it has the greatest impact.

People are 'social animals', always have been. But it's only recently that the Internet has evolved to the point that it's begun to reflect this. That evolution continues, and at a frightening pace. In fact, I'll make a prediction:

From both a user perspective and a markets perspective, a "Social Web" will be a much more accurate description than anything else within the next 3-5 years.

What's more, within that same period, from a marketers perspective, virtually EVERYTHING will have changed: how we market, what we market, how we build sites, what we build, and how users behave.

Finally, this: every tactic & strategy that works today will at the least have to evolve significantly over the next few years, or they will not work.

In other words, if you don't 'stay current', you will have nothing, and nothing to fall back on.

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