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Tips on making your social media account user friendly

193. Tell the designer to use a page design that works well on smartphones.

Many people check and update their social media accounts regularly via their smartphones. So it will help if your blog page is optimized for smartphone viewing.

194. Avoid using scripts and content that might run only on the latest software.

Some multimedia content require the latest plugins. Such multimedia contents might now be viewable to all people. So avoid using the most latest ones.

195. Avoid making a page that might upload too slowly.

You need a good page design. However, your page designer must avoid using elements that might take time to load. Now all viewers have a good internet connection and some will not wait for a page that loads too slowly.

196. Keep things looking neat.

It does not have to be the most stylish. What is important is that your page looks clean – nothing is out of place.

197. Keep the information organized.

Elements and contents should be arranged and grouped properly. You should make it in a way that your subscribers will find things easily.

198. Use tabs (if possible) or divisions for different topics.

This will allow you to separate different topics and/or discussions. It will help keep your contents organized without opening multiple social media accounts.

199. Avoid high-falutin words.

Just keep it simple. Research shows that most internet users hate high-falutin words and they prefer a simple content.

200. Make your page easy to find.

There are many ways to do this. Using SEO and having plenty of backlinks for example will make your page easier to find on the internet. You can hire an internet marketing specialist to do this for you.


And this concludes the list of 200 tips for effective social media marketing. But of course, you should not just religiously stick to these rules. Be sensitive to the changes you see and act accordingly.

Be aware of the dangers of social media sites. Take note that many lives have been ruined because of Facebook and Twitter. Of course, these sites are not to be blamed. These things happen because of improper use of these social media sites.

So if you want to use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to your advantage, you need to master its ways. You can start by learning about the pitfalls and learning how to avoid them.

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