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Tips for Managing Your Facebook Page Part 3

We’ve discussed a lot of wonderful tips for managing your Facebook page and gaining new likes. In this section, we’ll continue that discussion and ensure that you have plenty of ideas for how to keep your fans interested and turn them into customers.


One of Facebook’s best features is the Event application. With this application, you can list events that are happening in the near future so your Facebook fans are aware of them. You might post a grand opening, a celebration or some other type of event that is happening to your business. It’s a great way to invite customers to participate in the happenings of your company. Make use of this application when a new product is being launched or when something else exciting is happening.

Offer Helpful Content

You should offer helpful content on your Facebook page whenever it’s possible. Make sure it’s something your fans are going to be interested in. For instance, if you own a company that offers organic dog food and you see a coupon for high-quality dog bedding, you could share that information with your fans. It’s something your fans are likely to be interested in and it’s helpful, so they’ll appreciate it.


One of the best things you can do to promote your own Facebook page is networking with other businesses and pages. You can share their photos or statuses, recommend them to your own followers and more. When you do this, they’re likely to return the favor, which can help you gain followers and potentially valuable business associates as well. Remember to the only network with companies and businesses that can complement your business rather than compete with it.

Do Not Link Your Accounts

The last thing you want to do is link your accounts – such as your Twitter account and your Facebook account. The reason is that you’re much more likely to have a lot of short conversations on Twitter, and each time you post, it will post on your Facebook also. This can be annoying for your Facebook fans and could result in them deleting you. Save your longer, more in-depth posts for Facebook. Or, if something is important enough that you’d like to post it to Twitter and Facebook, do it manually rather than relying on a linked account.

How to Tag Other Pages

If you’d like to mention other pages or people on your Facebook page, you need only place the ‘@’ symbol before their name, with no spaces. This highlights their name so that in your status, individuals can click on the name and be taken to the individual or business page.

Now that you’ve learned a great deal about how to manage your Facebook page, we’ll talk about the most successful types of Facebook

posts in the next section of this package. This will help you understand what fans appreciate the most from businesses and company’s Facebook pages.

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