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Tips for Managing Your Facebook Page Part 2

In the last section, we discussed important tips for managing your Facebook page, such as posting frequently and interacting with your Facebook fans. In this section, we’re going to continue discussing some of the best ways that you can manage your page so that you gain new fans and build a great rapport with your existing fans.

Posting Images

Fans love to see images, so if you can post images regularly, you’ll be doing great. Some of the images you might want to post include new products, business events, vacation sights and more. Make sure the photos are actually interesting, and that they will appeal to a large variety of fans. Never make the mistake of posting pictures that are considered risqué, because many individuals get offended over things like that, even if the goal is to be funny.

One of the things people love to read on Facebook is funny or touching behind the scene stories about companies or businesses. You might share something funny that happened between you and a colleague or something touching that your business did for a local charity. This is a wonderful way to bond with other individuals and to reach out to those who have the same types of interests as you. When individuals get to know a company for the people who operate it and

work there, they’re more likely to be loyal to that particular company.

Announce New Products

Another thing you can do on your Facebook page is announcing new products and services to your Facebook followers. Many companies utilize this as an opportunity to gain new likes by offering privileges only to your Facebook fans. For instance, you can allow your Facebook fans to try a new product before the general public has a chance to do so. Or, for a brand new product, you can offer a discount to your Facebook fans. This is a great way to build a relationship with those fans and let them know that you think they’re important.

Hold Contests on Your Page

You can really gain a huge amount of likes by holding contests on your page. One of the requirements should be that individuals have to like your page in order to participate in the contest. Then, current fans can share the contest with their friends and family members, which will likely result in even more likes. You might give away a free product, a cash prize, or something else that individuals will be interested in. Many companies are utilizing the benefits of holding contests on their Facebook pages in order to get fans more involved and to gain more likes.

In the next section, we’ll talk more about the best ways to manage your Facebook page and to ensure that your fans are loyal to you and that they share your page with their friends and family members

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