100 Exercise Tips EVERY Fitness Buff Should Know

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6. The relation between limbering and your age.

As you age, especially reaching the age of 40, your muscles would become less pliable. In other words, you have to limber or stretch them longer. When you are under the age of 40, you can stretch your muscles and hold them for just 30 seconds. At the age of 40 and above though, it is best to hold your stretches for 60 seconds.

7. Preventing neck strain.

Whenever you work out your abs, you have to make sure that you are putting the pressure on the abdominal muscles. This would ensure that your neck would be protected properly. On top of that, you can also place your tongue on your mouth’s roof whenever you do your crunch exercises, since it can align your head the right way and prevent neck strain.

8. Think about rewarding yourself after every workout session.

If you want to motivate yourself more in exercising, then you should think about a reward to give to yourself for completing each workout session. It can be watching a movie, eating your favorite meal, or simply going out for a relaxing day at the mall. By doing this, you would become more excited each time you are headed for the gym.

9. Build more muscles to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight fast, then you should go through exercise routines that can build more muscles. This is because muscles require lots of calories to maintain. Thus, the more muscles you have, the more calories and fats you would be burning, which would result to faster weight loss.

10. Don’t spend too much time in building muscles.

When it comes to going through exercise routines to build muscles, you should not go beyond the one hour mark for it. This is because your body can produce the stress hormone called cortisol when you do that. This hormone can block testosterone and prevent your muscles to get developed.

11. How to stay committed to exercising.

There may be times when you don’t want to go through the exercise routines, just because you don’t feel like it. However, if you skip one or two sessions just because of that, it can become a habit, which is not good. Whenever you feel like not going through the workout session, remind yourself of your goals, as well as the benefits you can enjoy from exercising, so that you can proceed.

12. Go through weight workouts in order.

The best way to workout your muscles is to start with dumbbells, followed by barbells, and then the machines. It is best to start with the smaller muscles since they no longer would be required to work once you go with the heavier weights. Follow this, so that your muscles would be given a proper workout.

13. Do not forget your core.

It is important that you strengthen your core if you want to perform different forms of exercise effectively. With that, you should not be afraid of doing situps. This is because, this exercise routine can make your abdominal muscles work longer and harder, aside from increasing your range of motion. Make sure that you do it properly, though, so that you won’t hurt your back.

14. Gaining more benefits from cardiovascular exercises.

If you simply want to improve your health, then you should just go through moderately intense cardiovascular exercise routines for 30 minutes each day. You can do this for 5 days a week if you want results faster. If you want to do it just 3 days, though, then you should go through vigorous routines for 20 minutes only.

15. Cardio exercises can help you lose weight.

When it comes to losing weight, you can also go through cardiovascular exercise routines for it. To hit your goals, you need to go through intensive cardio exercises for 60 to 90 minutes each time. Do it several days in a week, so that your body would be able to burn more fats and calories.

16. How to determine if you are working out at a moderate level of intensity.

When you ask to advise from experts, you may have heard them tell you about exercising in a moderate level of intensity. However, you should also know what they mean by it. A simple way to determine this is that, if you are still able to talk while you are working out, then you are doing it right.

17. Strength training and weight loss.

Strength training can definitely help in making you lose weight. This is because you would be building more muscles. Aside from that, while your muscles are trying to recover and get developed, your body actually continues to burn more calories and fats for it. To make sure that you lose weight, though, you should also take note of your calorie intake.

18. Don’t forget to target the major muscle groups.

In strength training, you may be given choices as to what routines you want to go through with. Keep in mind that certain routines target certain muscle groups. When you choose about 8 to 10 exercise routines for strength training, you should make sure that they target the major muscle groups, so that you can have a more balanced workout session.

19. There is no need to target all your muscle groups in one session.

If you are the one to come up with your own workout program, you have to take note that there is no need for you to target all the muscle groups each day. If you workout every day, then see to it that certain muscle groups are given ample time to rest before targeting them again. By doing this, you are giving time for your muscles to recuperate and get developed.

20. Choosing the bench properly.

When you work out, there are certain routines that would require you to make use of a bench. Keep in mind that benches are not made equal. To test it out, press your thumb against it. If your thumb can feel the wood, then you have to find another one. This is because, it tells you that the bench is too hard for lifting, which can weaken your arm.

21. How to swim faster.

One of the best ways to increase your speed in swimming is to develop the flexibility of your ankles. This is because your feet are like your flippers that can make you swim faster through the water. There are lots of simple exercise routines that you can go through for it. Perform them, so that you can swim faster than your friends soon.

22. No more excuses.

Lots of people are not able to achieve their fitness goals due to their excuses. One of the most popular excuses of all time is being too busy to workout. To get rid of it, try to workout on a single day even for just 10 to 15 minutes. After going through it, think if you were made underproductive by going through the exercise routines. You would most likely think that it did not affect your productivity and realize that you can always exercise each day without worrying about your work.

23. When to buy your working out shoes.

You may think that there is no specific time in a day that is best when it comes to purchasing a pair of shoes. However, it is actually best to buy shoes in the afternoon or at night. This is because these are the times when your feet are at their largest size. By doing that, you are ensuring that you can buy the perfect pair according to size.

24. Workout with your spouse.

If you want to make working out more exciting, then you should do it with your spouse or special someone. There are lots of benefits that you can both derive in working out, which is why there is no way he or she can say no to it. By doing it this way, you can enjoy your workout sessions more.

25. Watch TV programs about exercising.

Watching television programs about working out can make you more motivated in going through your routines. On top of that, you can also learn valuable lessons from it, especially when you watch those that are hosts by experts in the field. Check out the channels that show such programs, so that you can take note of them.

26. Make the necessary preparations.

If you are just about to start with your workout program, then you should make the necessary preparations for it. In other words, you should acquire appropriate clothing for working out. On top of that, if you decide to exercise at your own place, then you should also buy the necessary exercise equipment, such as dumbbells, barbells, and more.

27. Building up the strength of your forearm.

If you want to improve the strength of your forearm, you can make use of newspapers for it. All you have to do is to lay a sheet of newspaper on the floor, and take about 30 seconds to crumble it with your hand. Doing this can help you in performing well in tennis as well as racquetball.

28. How to improve and maintain flexibility.

A person’s flexibility can decline as he ages. However, you can improve or maintain it by going through stretching exercises. When you go through stretching, though, its benefits are not limited to maintaining your flexibility. It can also help you relax more and get you prepared for your whole workout session better.

29. Working out your back muscles properly.

One of the routines you can perform to target your back muscles is the lat pulldowns. To do this properly, though, it is best if you don’t wrap your thumb around the bar, and place it beside your index finger instead. When you do this, you are decreasing the pressure applied on your arms, which results in working your back harder.

30. Stretching many times in a week.

It is actually good to do stretching a lot of times per week. In fact, doing it every day can give you a lot of benefits. If you have a hectic schedule, though, you can always just do it for 2 to 3 days in a week. When you stretch, do it within your range of motion, and hold every stretch that you do for about 15 to 30 seconds each.

31. Don’t just focus on your strengths.

When you workout, you would find out that there are routines that you like, and some that you do not like. There is a good probability that those routines that you do not like are the ones that you are not good at. In other words, they may involve your weak muscles. Thus, it is best if you do the ones you don’t like more often so that you can get rid of your weaknesses.

32. Visit your doctor.

Prior to getting involved with any kind of training or workout program, it is imperative that you visit a doctor first. This way, he can get you checked out if you are fit for going through certain workout routines. Aside from that, he may also be able to tell you what exercises you need the most, in order to achieve your goals faster.

33. Eliminating boredom.

One of the culprits behind failures when it comes to losing weight or building muscles is boredom. Thus, it is important that you prevent it from happening to you. To eliminate the chances of getting bored, you should vary your exercises. Aside from that, you can also change your frequency, time, as well as the intensity of your exercise routines from time to time.

34. Building your arms even after getting hurt.

When you lift weights, there is always a possibility to injure or hurt one of your arms. However, there is no need to stop working out, if you only hurt one of them. For example, if you hurt your left arm, you should continue working out your right arm. This is because, when you work out one arm, it actually stimulates the muscle nerve fibers of the arm that got hurt.

35. Count backward.

When it comes to counting your repetitions, it is a good idea to count backward. This is because, when you do it this way, instead of thinking about how many you have already done, you can only think about what you have left. Thus, it makes working out easier for you as you approach the end part of the set.

36. Your workout progress.

If you have not been going through exercise routines for quite some time, then it is important to go with easier exercises first. In other words, don’t immediately perform intensive exercises, since it can get your muscles strained. Start with low-intensity workout routines first, and go with the more challenging ones, when you have gained more experience in it.

37. Improving the condition of your legs.

When you exercise, it is best if you target your calves as well, so that you can improve the condition and the looks of your legs. To achieve this, you should do seated as well as the standing calf raises. You would get better results when you do it like this since your calves consist of two different muscles, which you can target with the seated and standing routines.

38. Weigh yourself prior to exercising.

Before starting with your exercise program, you should weigh yourself first. This is important, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Take note of your weight and write it down on your calendar or a notepad. This way, you can refer to it after a couple of weeks of exercising, to see your progress.

39. Test yourself every 3 or 4 weeks.

In working out, it is best if you test yourself regularly. Test different variables in your body such as your waist, body fat, muscle size, and such. By doing this, it would show you the results that are tangible, due to your workout program. When you see differences, then you are assured that all your efforts are paying off.

40. Don’t take certain medicines after working out.

It is not a good idea to drink certain medicines after going through your workout session. Some people actually take ibuprofen and acetaminophen after exercising to relieve muscle pain. However, some experts say that these drugs can actually suppress muscle development if you take them after working out, which is why it is best to avoid them.

41. What to do when you are bored.

If you have been walking for quite some time already, in order to lose weight, there is a possibility that you have become bored with it. When this happens, you need to find a good alternative to walking, so that you can keep on exercising. Some of the options that you have when it comes to this would be biking, swimming, and running.

42. Getting rid of your protruding belly.

If you want to flatten out your stomach, then you should do more abdominal crunches each time you visit the gym. To make your crunches more effective, though, one of the techniques that you can follow is to exhale with force when you reach the top of your movement. When you do this, it actually forces your abs to work harder, which results in having more muscles in that part of your body.

43. How to effectively achieve six-pack abs.

Although it is true that you need to go through crunches to achieve better abs, there are times when you may not be able to achieve it fast. One of the things that can prevent you from having fabulous abs is actually the facts that you have in your stomach. This is because the fats would hide your abdominal muscles. With that, you should get rid of your fats in order to have abs.

44. Building bigger biceps.

When you workout, you may also want to build bigger biceps, which is why you want to perform arm curls. To become more effective at it, it is wise to bend your wrists when you perform the routine. By extending them backward slightly, you would actually be targeting your biceps more, and work it harder.

45. Working out at your own home.

There are lots of benefits when you workout at your own place. Aside from the fact that you won’t have to deal with gym membership fees, you also won’t have to step out of your home and go through traffic. However, you need to make sure that you are really committed to going through it since there are also lots of distractions at your home.

46. Exercising when you are weak.

There are some people who still try to go to the fitness gym even when they have a fever, cough, or colds. This is actually useless since your body would be focusing its resources on healing itself. With that, it is best just to get some rest at your place, and the only workout when you are already at the best of health.

47. Ride your bike to the mountains.

Going to the mountains with your friends while riding bicycles is actually great. This is because it gives you the cardiovascular exercise that you need to build your stamina. On top of that, you can also inhale fresh air once you reach your destination. Choose your bike well, though, to be on the safe side.

48. Hiring a trainer for exercising.

If you want to improve your weightlifting ability or for other sporting events, you can always hire a trainer for it. A trainer can provide you guidance in going through the routines that you need to tackle. On top of that, he would also make sure that you are progressing effectively.

49. Paying your exercise trainer in advance.

In hiring a trainer for your exercise routines, you may want to pay him in advance. This is because it would ensure that you would follow through on your workout sessions. On top of that, it would also ensure that the trainer would be guiding you properly.

50. Building your muscles more by stretching.

After working out a certain muscle group, it is actually a good idea to stretch them. When you stretch them, they would actually get developed faster. Do the stretching for 20 to 30 seconds, so that your muscles would get developed faster. This should be done on a regular basis so that you can see results soon.

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