100 First Date Tips EVERY Single Person Should Know

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51. Your first date at the park.
There is nothing wrong in doing your first date at the park. This is true, especially if your date has told you that she does not want to go to fancy places. By getting on a date at the park, you would be able to enjoy the view. Make it more interesting by cooking up foods for it.

52. Do not force yourself to like your date.
There is no need to force yourself to like the person you are dating for the first time, just because you think that he really looks well and that he is nice. This is because these are not the only factors that would determine the kind of relationship you may have with him in the future. To like a person, you should have certain things in common, which include your values.

53. See that your date is not too reliant on text messages and emails.
If you observe on your first date that your partner is too reliant to text messages and emails, then you should be careful. If you really like him, make sure that he does not use these forms of communication to get in contact with you. It is always bested that he calls you since it shows that he really cares for you by not depending on lazy forms of communication.

54. Looking at your date in the eye.
On your first date, it is a good idea to maintain eye contact when you are talking to her. However, you should only look at her eyes for a few seconds and look away from time to time, so that she won’t feel uncomfortable. Aside from that, starting can also be scary at times.

55. Stand up when your date goes to the powder room.
During the course of your date, it is possible for her to excuse herself and go to the powder room. When she does that, it is best if you stand up together with her. It would show her that you respect her. Aside from that, it also shows how gentleman you are, and would definitely impress her.

56. Check your zipper.
Do not be ashamed in closing your zipper in front of your date if you really need to. To prevent this from happening, then it is best to constantly check it, especially prior to arriving at the venue. Fixing it means that you are quick in correcting your errors. If you won’t fix it immediately, you cannot expect her not to notice it eventually.

57. Know how to dance.
Even if you do not possess the natural talent of dancing, it is still a good idea to learn how to do it. Dancing can he learned, and it is important when you go on a date, even on your first date. If you know how to dance, then you can impress your date more. Aside from that, you would also become more confident in taking her to the dance floor.

58. The things you want to know about a woman.
There are things that you need to know about a woman on your first date. It is important to know these things so that you can see if she is worth investing your time and effort on. Such things would include her likes, dislikes, and whether she is involved with someone or not.

59. Carrying on with the conversation.
One of the biggest obstacles that you may encounter during the first date is the times when you experience complete silence. Although you are having a good conversation, it can be awkward in experiencing these moments of silence. Thus, it is best that you know how to counter it immediately. Always remember that there are lots of different things that you can talk about. Aside from that, come up with a question, so that you can continue talking.

60. Compliment her.
Even if you are dating a very beautiful girl, you should keep in mind that she also has insecurities. Thus, you should not forget in complimenting her. Give her compliments that are sincere and genuine, so that they can have more effect on her. Focus on her hair, her skin, her clothes, and her shoes. Aside from that, telling her that she is beautiful at the instant you meet her can also work.

61. Don’t forget to tell her how brave you are and state examples of it.
Women love their men to be brave since most of them expect their men to have the ability to protect them and give them courage. Thus, if you have certain experiences in life that depict how brave you then state them. For example, if you have saved some people in a fire then tell her about it. Don’t mention the word brave and let her find out that you possess this trait.

62. It is not the time to discuss your past relationships on your first date.
Your first date is not the time for you to discuss your past relationships in. This is because your date is not interested in your past yet. He or she wants to know how you are at the present first before your date digs deeper. Only reveal your past, once you have dated for a good number of times already.

63. When to date if she is not available after her work.
If she has lots of things to take care of after her work duties, then you may ask her to go on a lunch date with you. Taking a lunch break together can be an interesting way of going on a first date with someone you like. By spending just a short amount of time with her during lunch, you may be able to know why she can’t go after work, and do something about it, especially if she is interested in seeing more of you.

64. Know why ladies love nice guys.
To be considered as one of the nice guys, you should know what it means to them. Women see nice guys as someone who has a stable background, desirable, presentable, trustworthy, helpful, discreet, and friendly. Aside from that, women also see nice guys as fun to be with.

65. Avoid the movies for the first date.
It is not a good idea to watch a movie for your first date. Aside from the fact that it is not safe for the ladies, it would also not give you a chance to talk to each other more. When you are inside the movie house, you would not be able to engage in so much interaction; and, this would defeat the purpose of getting to know each other better.

66. Pay attention to your date’s behavior.
During your date, it is possible that you can only notice the positive traits of your partner, especially if you like him a lot. However, you still need to be paying attention to the negative traits. Try to see if you can stand his negative traits, since that would tell you more about whether you can be in a relationship with him or not.

67. Avoid each other’s homes on your first date.
It is always best to be at a neutral territory on your first date. Stay away from each other’s home, since it may get you both tempted to go inside together and do something inside the bedroom. Staying away from your homes would help you prevent having sex, which is something that you should not do on the first date.

68. Be mature.
There are certain people who may tend to play games during their first date, such as pretending to be not interested in the other person when they are indeed interested. You may think that this is a good strategy. However, it may only send out the wrong signals, which can turn off the other person. Be mature and show the other person what you really feel.

69. Don’t play the Mr. Nice Guy role too much.
Although lots of women like nice guys, overdoing it can have its negative consequences as well. For example, if you are being too friendly, then your partner may eventually see you as a friend material instead of someone to have a relationship with. For example, if there is something that either of you can decide on, such as what to do next after eating dinner, it is best if you can make the decision for it so that your date would realize how manly you are.

70. How women want to read between the lines.
Aside from women being good at reading between the lines, you should be aware that they want you do be good at it as well. In other words, during your first date, she may tell you something, which means another thing. For example, if she tells you that she is fat, then she may want you to tell her that she is beautiful. Aside from that, her Maybe can also mean No. Take note of these things, so that you can respond well.

71. How to show that you are interested.
If you are really interested in your date, then you should show it. Showing it can be done by saying it. Aside from that, you can also use your body language to it. Thus, if she is leaning towards you and you want to reciprocate, then you should also move closer to her. Send out positive signals, so that you would both be able to enjoy your first date.

72. Put your mobile phone in silent mode.
One of the things that can insult the other person you are dating is to take calls and send out text messages, while you are eating dinner. Thus, it is best to put your phone on silent mode or vibrate mode during the date, so that the text messages and calls won’t disturb you. If you really need to check on something, then excuse yourself and go to the comfort room.

73. Listen well.
During the date, you may think that one of the most important things to do to make the most out of it is to talk. However, you need to consider that the other person may also want to share his or her experiences to you as well. Thus, you should know when to listen, and you should listen well so that you can respond appropriately.

74. What to do if you feel nervous about your first date.
If you feel nervous about your first date, you should know that it is quite normal. However, if it bothers you, then you should take a deep breath, just before going to the venue of your date. Aside from that, you should believe in yourself, and be more confident, so that your nervousness would not get the better of you.

75. Think fast.
Always keep in mind that women do not want to be bored. Thus, you should be able to think fast, so that you can keep your date exciting and interesting. Aside from that, your ability to think fast can also help you when it comes to having a good conversation with your date.

76. Ask the right questions to lead.
When it comes to talking about your date, you need to ask the right questions in order to lead effectively. For example, if you want to take her to a coffee shop, you should ask her a couple of questions first, which she would probably answer with Yes. The questions should be related to asking her to the coffee shop, so that by the time you ask that question, she would most likely say Yes to it.

77. Bring something interesting.
On your first date, it is actually a good idea to bring something that can spark the interest of the other person. For example, if you have a novel that really sparks the interest of a lot of people, then bring it. You should not read the book during the date. It can serve as your prop, which can help you whenever you run out of topics to talk about.

78. Calling your date.
There is no need to call your date on the day that you are going to meet. This is because, if she is really interested, then she should be there. Aside from that, if you are going to call her, it would tell her that you are somewhat desperate in going on a date with her, which can turn her off.

79. What other places you can take her to aside from the restaurant.
Your first date does not have to start and end at a fancy restaurant. There are other places that you can also take her to. Some of which would be the theater, sporting venue, bowling, ice skating, and even the circus. Try to check what she is interested in, so that you can make it more exciting for the both of you.

80. Don’t sell yourself short on your first date.
During your first date, there would be times when you would be asking questions, which can give you a chance to talk about yourself. When that happens, it is best if you talk about yourself positively, so that the other person won’t be turned off. If you believe that you are a good person to date, then let the other person see it through your actions and your answers.

81. Do not forget to tell your friend or someone in your house about your date.
On your first date, it is always best to be on the safe side by telling someone about it. You should also tell your friend about the venue of your date, as well as the name of the person you are going out with. It is safe this way, and they can always check out the place or give you a call just in case it is getting late and you are still not home.

82. Don’t try to ask about your date’s ex.
Asking about your date’s ex is not a good idea, especially on the first date. This is because, if your date would start talking all about the things he likes the most of his ex, then you may have a tendency to make yourself just like your date’s ex in the coming days to impress him. Aside from that, the positive traits your date’s ex-has can become a source of your insecurities.

83. Don’t try to find faults.
When you try to find faults in the other person, you may end up not enjoying your date. Aside from that, it can also make you a judgmental person. Try to learn more about the other person and enjoy the date, so that you would be able to make the most of it.

84. You can ask about your date’s living arrangements or where they live.
There is no need to think too deeply about what questions you can ask on the first date, and what you should not. If you are curious about where your date is living, then ask him about it. If he is reluctant in saying it, then respect it. However, it can also be a sign that he is hiding something from you.

85. There is nothing wrong about saying No.
There is no need to be agreeable all the time on your first date, and even on your other dates. It is perfectly fine to say no if you are not on the same page as your date. It is best to be true to yourself so that you can also be honest to the other person. In fact, disagreeing can even spark up a healthy and fun debate, which can bring you closer to each other.

86. Make your first date special.
If you want to make your first date special, then make it as memorable as you can. Talking for a number of hours with your date is something where you share memories, but not making them. Make memories by doing something different such as going for a stroll at the park after dinner, visiting the flea market, or playing a game of pool.

87. How to send signals that you like the girl.
There are lots of things that you can do to show that you like the girl you are dating for the first time. One of which is to look into her eyes a bit longer than usual, and then smile. Aside from that, you should also be a gentleman, so that she can see that you really admire her.

88. How to tell if the person you are dating is not being honest about his feelings.
If a person likes you, he or she would act it out. Thus, it would be clear to you if she likes you through the way she talks to you, as well as the way that she would act around you. This also applies to guys. With that, if your date tells you that he likes you but act otherwise, then you would know that he is not being completely honest.

89. Know what you want on a date.
You should know whether you are dating the person in order to see if you can start a relationship with her or you just want to have a casual encounter. By knowing what you want in the date, you can also choose your partner properly according to that. Aside from that, it would also help you act in accordance with what you really want.

90. Out of your league.
Being out of your league is not true. It is a concept, which can make you unhappy if you believe in it. This is because if you believe that your date is out of your league, then you would begin to think that you are not worthy for him or her. Aside from that, it may even lead you to find partners who are not good enough for you as well.

91. Holding hands on the first date.
Wondering when to hold your date’s hand is quite normal. Keep in mind that holding hands on your first date is perfectly fine. However, you should see if she approves it or not. Once you are on the date, you should be mindful of her actions, so that you can tell whether she would like it or not.

92. Choosing the restaurant for a romantic dinner.
Taking your date for a romantic dinner is a good idea. However, if there are lots of restaurants to choose from, it can become confusing. The best way to do it is to visit the restaurants that you are considering reserving a table in. When you visit them, try to check the view that each of the restaurants can offer. Aside from that, see if the place is filled up with flowers or candles, and do not forget to ask about the kind of music that they play.

93. Do not overanalyze things.
There is no point in analyzing things too much during your first date. Just take note of the things that you think are important, and share it with your friends for the analysis if you want to. Try to get to know your date well by going through a simple conversation, so that he would also open up to you more.

94. How to recognize that your date is the one.
Recognizing whether your date is the one that you are looking for or not, is not easy to do in the first instance that you go out. This is because the first date is usually the introductory part of a potential relationship. In other words, after the first date, there are still a lot of things that you need to learn about him or her. However, it should help you determine whether your date is worth a try or not.

95. How to overcome your shyness.
If you are shy and you are about to go out on a first date with someone you are really interested in, then it is best to overcome your shyness. To achieve that, you should try to become more confident in yourself. If you need to, you should work out, and try to identify your best traits, so that you would believe that you can pull it off.

96. Do not fear failure.
Lots of men and women have the fear of failing even on their first dates. If you are one of them, then you should not fear it. Instead, if you fail in it, such as doing something that is a complete turn-off, then you should just learn from your mistakes. Failing is not entirely bad, as long as you learn valuable lessons from it.

97. Loosen up on your first date.
There is no need to be so tight and stiff on your first date. It is best to loosen up so that you can have more fun with your date. If you won’t loosen up, it is possible for your date to become such a boring event. Thus, if you are really interested in him or her, then you should enjoy their company and relax.

98. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
If you have said something, which made her uncomfortable, then just apologize about it if you need to. Do not be too hard on yourself, since committing a mistake is very possible, especially on the first date. Take it easy, so that you won’t put too much pressure on yourself.

99. Always be open to the possibility of not being liked.
There is always a possibility that your date would end up not liking you. There is no need to put pressure on yourself when it comes to that. The important thing is that you are able to accept it, and that, you can tell signs that indicate it. When you are able to do that, then you can simply move on with your life without having to work hard on trying to make the other person like you.

100. Do not try to make the other person jealous.
Making your date jealous, such as flirting with another guy you bump into on your first date is a complete no-no. First of all, it is possible that your date does not feel anything yet, which means that he may not even feel jealous about it. Aside from that, if he knows what you are trying to achieve, then it would be a complete disaster on your part.

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