100 Flirting Tips EVERY Single Person Should Know

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51. How to tell if a girl really likes you.

Whenever you are talking to a girl that you are interested in, you can actually look at her eyes to see if she also feels the same way. One of the things that you can check out for this is her pupils. When they are dilated, while she is looking at you with deep interest, then it is a sign that she is really into you.

52. What she crossed leg is telling you.

In most cases, women always have their legs crossed when they are sitting down and talking. If you are talking to one, and her crossed leg is pointed towards you, then it is a clear indication that she is interested in you. This is actually true, especially if she rocks that same leg back and forth while still pointed at you.

53. Expose your neck.

For a woman to attract her man, one of the techniques that she can use is to expose her neck to him. There are many ways that this can be done. One of which is by tilting your head to one side. Aside from that, you can also do the classic hair flip. Whichever technique you use, it is best if you follow it up by looking at his eyes.

54. Wearing red lipstick.

Men and even women are attracted to the color red since it indicates youth, fertility, as well as sex. When it comes to men, though, moist red lips is one of most attractive parts of a woman that can turn them on. Thus, it is best to wear a red lipstick and to make it more effective, try flirting by biting your lower lip, while talking to him.

55. Use your shoulders.

When it comes to women, they are mostly attracted to men who are more dominant. This does not mean that you have to boss them around. This pertains to your appearance, which you can achieve when you stand tall and your shoulders back. Hold your head up high and come up with gestures that make you look more assertive.

56. Attract more women with your feet.

Body language can get you anywhere especially if you make use of it properly. One of the things that you can do with it is to attract more women with the proper positioning of your feet. Since women are more attracted to males that appear dominant, you want to stand straight with your feet about 6 to 10 inches apart, while your toes are pointed outwards.

57. Do not lose focus.

Always remember that one of the purposes of flirting is to know the other person better. Thus, if you are already talking to her, then you should not lose your focus. This means that you should listen attentively to what she is saying. This you can show by nodding and tilting your head. Aside from that, you should also smile and laugh when the situation calls for it.

58. What to do when a woman starts flirting with you.

You would know when a woman is starting to flirt with you by taking note of some indicators about it. Some of which would be low-level touching extended eye contact and laughing. If you like the person, then you should respond accordingly, such as flirting back.

59. Mimic the other person’s moves.

One of the most popular flirting gestures is to mimic the other person’s moves. For instance, if she leans forward, then you can also lean forward; and, you may even be doing this without intending to. If you are aware of it, though, do it in a subtle way, so that it won’t appear like you are making fun of her.

60. Grooming gestures.

It is quite natural for a person to groom himself or herself when he or she is attracted to someone. These grooming gestures, such as fixing your tie, smoothing down your clothes, or checking your lipstick, can actually work better if you combine it with a smile. When you do that, it actually becomes an effective flirting gesture, which can get the attention of the other person.

61. On your first date.

When you are on a date with a woman you like for the first time, it is best to take note of some flirting gestures, which indicate that she likes you. Some of which would be when she rubs her chin raises her voice to match yours, exposes her palm towards you, and such. By being mindful of these signs, it can give you an idea if she wants to go out with you again or not.

62. Be more approachable.

One of the issues lots of women have to deal with is appearing unapproachable. To ensure that this is not the case with you, then you should stand in a way that makes men see you as a desirable target. All you actually have to do is to place your feet not farther than 6 feet apart when you stand up and see that your toes are pointed inwards.

63. Become a funny person.

Lots of women can become bored whenever they are with guys who are always talking about very serious stuff. Thus, it is best if you become a funny person, so that you can attract more women your way. Women love to laugh, and if you are good with it, then you would have a better chance of scoring a date with the person you like.

64. Checking a woman out is considered flirting.

There are lots of ways that you can flirt with a girl. In fact, checking a woman out and letting her catch you while doing it is actually one of the flirting gestures that lots of males are practicing these days. This flirting gesture is quite effective since it makes a woman feel more attractive. Smile when she catches you so that she won’t feel uncomfortable.

65. Timing is key.

Flirting is something that you can do on a daily basis. However, for it to work, you have to make sure that you practice good timing. In other words, if you are planning to flirt with a person, make sure that she is also in the mood for it. With that, if she looks like she is very busy doing something, then you should do it some other time.

66. Don’t let an opportunity pass you by.

Whenever flirting opportunities happen, you should know when and how to take advantage of them. Do not let any opportunity pass you by, so that you won’t end up regretting not taking the chance. For example, if a woman accidentally spills her drink at the bar, then you should know what to do next. There is no need to rush it. Wait for the right moment and look her straight in the eyes, and smile when you shook your head.

67. Checking out if a woman is really interested in you.

If you want to see if the woman you are talking to is really interested in you, then try to do something to put a stop to your conversation temporarily. If she is really into you, she will come up with ways to carry on the conversation. In fact, she can even make excuses, so that she would be able to continue talking to you.

68. Flaunt what you have.

One of the best things to do in order to make your flirting more effective is to know yourself better. Identify your best assets, and flaunt them, so that you can make the most out of your best features. For example, if you have shapely legs, then show it. Aside from that, if you have kissable lips, then accentuate them by making use of the best lipstick available.

69. The sense of smell can also be tapped in order to attract the opposite sex.

It is a fact that people secrete pheromones, which can attract the members of the opposite sex. However, you can also make use of perfumes in order to capitalize on it. For example, most women are actually very attracted to men that wear perfumes, which emanate a musk aroma. Thus, choose your perfumes well, so that your money invested would be worth it.

70. Opening up a conversation.

It is quite pointless to start flirting with a woman, if you cannot effectively open up a smooth conversation with her. Therefore, apart from learning all the flirting techniques, you should also come up with lines to open up the conversation. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself about it. However, it is best to make it as original as possible, since women want something new.

71. Talking with your partner.

When it comes to talking with the person that you are flirting with, you should use good language. Aside from that, you should also properly time yourself in talking, so that she can understand you well. There is no point in talking to someone whom you want to get to know better, if she could not even understand what you are talking about.

72. How to make her feel special.

When you are flirting with someone in a room that is filled with lots of people, it is best to make her feel special. You can achieve it by maintaining eye contact with her. Let her feel that she is the center of your universe, by being interested in whatever she says. By doing this, she will get the message that you are really interested in getting to know her more.

73. Flirting inside the fitness gym.

If you are not aware of it, there are actually lots of things that you can take advantage of inside the gym when it comes to flirting with someone. One of which is the fact that gyms are usually filled up with mirrors. Through the mirrors in the gym, you can check out the person you are interested in, and you can even look at each other through it. Being in eye contact with someone you like in the mirror is actually quite exciting, which is why you should try it soon.

74. Choosing targets.

There is no need for you to have a crush on someone to flirt with him or her. Flirting can be done spontaneously, and you can even do it on a daily basis. When you instill this into your mind, then you would be able to practice your flirting skills more often. This would go a long way, as far as scoring a date with the one you really like is concerned.

75. Do not slouch.

Slouching is one of the things that you can do to turn off ladies. This is because it is a posture that indicate lack of confidence and energy. Put your chest out and bring your shoulders towards you back, so that you would look more manly and make ladies become more attracted to you.

76. Show signs that you enjoy talking to them.

While you are talking to the person that you are flirting with, it is best to show signs that you are enjoying the conversation. One of the things that you can do is to smile whenever it is appropriate to do so. Aside from that, you should also maintain eye contact. When you do this, the other person can see your signals, and it is also possible for her to show signals of her own as well.

77. Use your body to flirt with her.

Using your body to flirt with a girl that you really like is quite effective. For example, while you are talking to each other, you can point your body towards the direction of the other person, while maintaining good posture. Aside from that, you can also try to find excuses to touch her.

78. Do not forget about what flirting is all about.

Flirting is not all about bring your whole self or sharing your most honest opinions on very serious matters. Flirting is all about showing interest on the other person as well as opening up doors to more future conversations with him or her. Thus, keep the conversation light, fun, and more enjoyable, instead of focusing on sad or serious things.

79. Awkward silences.

Whenever you are talking to a girl that you like, your conversation may come to a point when you experience awkward silences. If this happens, and you won’t be able to remedy it, then she may think that you are not enjoying it. One of the best ways to go around it is to ask her a question. If you think you may not be that fast to come up with one, then prepare a list of it prior to going out.

80. Know how to wrap it up.

If you are really interested in the girl that you are flirting with, then you should not hesitate asking her out on a date, especially if she sends out signals that she is also into you. You should know when to wrap it up, so that you would make the most out of your conversation. If you are not sure about asking her out though, make sure to give her your phone number so that she has a way to get in contact with you.

81. Work it out.

Lots of people love to workout today, and if you want to take advantage of it to flirt with some girls, then choose gyms that are shared by men and women. While working out, make sure to flex those muscles of yours, to attract more admiring ladies. Do not overdo it though, and start a conversation with the one you like once you see an opportunity, so that it won’t go to waste.

82. The fitness gym offers lots of opportunities to flirt.

In working out, you should always be on the lookout for opportunities to flirt with the lady that you are attracted to. For example, offer her assistance whenever you see that she is having a trouble in accessing an equipment. By doing this, not only would she appreciate the gesture, but it can help in breaking the ice and start a conversation with her.

83. Show that you are attracted.

A woman would love the fact that someone she is interested with is attracted to her. Thus, if you like someone, you should show your appreciation by looking at her while she is working out. Just make sure to avoid starting on a fixed manner, so that she won’t feel uncomfortable with it.

84. Don’t hesitate in scanning the room.

When it comes to flirting, there is no need to wait for a man to initiate the actions. In fact, if you are ready, such as you are all dressed up and you are already at the bar, one of the first things you can do is to scan the room for possible males that you want to flirt with. For all you know, a hunk may already be checking you out, which can make things easier to do.

85. Do not stay in your group.

If you want to be able to spark up a conversation with someone you like, then you should not stay in your group. This is because, if you are in your group of friends, a man may not have enough guts to approach you for fear of embarrassment. Thus, you should come up with an excuse to separate from them for awhile, so that you can increase your chances of landing on a date later on.

86. Making the move.

Some girls think that they should wait for a man to initiate the moves when it comes to starting a conversation. Although this is true, since a man would surely approach you when you have sent out signals that you are interested, it does not necessarily mean that you should wait all night long. Thus, if you are flirting with someone, but he is still not able to make the move, then you can always do it, especially if you are really attracted to him.

87. Talking with a guy.

Many girls would assume that guys would always have something interesting to talk about. However, being a girl, you should also know how to keep a good conversation going by having something interesting to talk about. You should also do this, especially if you are the one who will approach the guy.

88. Your intentions should be clear.

When you are flirting and talking to a man, you should make your intentions clear. This is important so that you won’t be leading him on, especially if you are not interested in taking things to the next level. Make your intentions clear by choosing your words carefully, and by coming up with the right body language.

89. Flirtatious questions.

There are lots of flirtatious questions that you can use in order to flirt with a guy. These questions can be used while you are talking with the guy face to face, and you can also use them through text messages. Questions that you can ask can pertain to what he is wearing in bed, whether or not he likes the girl to make the first move, and such.

90. Flirting through text messages.

There are lots of advantages in flirting through SMS or text messages. This is because there is no need to watch your body language for it. Aside from that, you can read and review your message for a lot of times before hitting the SEND button. Just make sure that your text message is really flirtatious and effective so that it would really count.

91. When to take flirtatious risks.

Taking risks when it comes to flirting is one of the ways to speed up the process of getting to the next level, with the guy that you really like. However, you should see to it that he is worth the risk. A guy who is considerate and treats you with respect would be someone you can consider taking a risk for. This is because, when it won’t work, you would be assured that it would not hurt so much.

92. Exchanging text messages with a guy you have flirted with.

When you are sending text messages to a guy that you have flirted with, you should be nice, but take your time in responding to his messages. This way, he would be longing for more from you. However, do not overdo it, since it can make him wonder whether you are really interested in him or not.

93. Ask her out on a date.

In working out in a gym and exchanging flirty glances with a woman, you may be surprised when you approach her and she seems not interested in talking to you. Keep in mind that it is possible that she prefers not to talk to anyone while working out. Thus, if you really like her, then ask her if she is interested in having a cup of coffee later on, so that you can have a better chance to get to know her later.

94. Gather facts about your guy.

If you are flirting with a guy in school, you should not hesitate in gathering some facts about him. Try to learn about his likes and dislikes, so that you know what he wants to talk about when he is with you. Do not make him know that you are researching about him though, since it can scare him off.

95. Do not avoid the guy that you are interested in.

If you are still in school and you want to flirt with a guy, then the last thing that you want to do is to avoid him. This is because, it would not give you the opportunity to talk to him. Aside from that, he may also notice it, which is bad news, since he may also end up avoiding you.

96. Touch if you can.

When you and a woman become more comfortable with each other after casual conversations, touch her if you can by offering to help her stretch her muscles. This is, if you are working out at the same fitness gym. If she enjoys the massage, then do it more often. Don’t go too fast with it though, and try to see if she is really interested, so that she won’t shove you off.

97. Dressing casually.

Lots of women attest to the fact that more men try and flirt with them when they are dressed casually, than dressing for a night out. This is true, especially when it comes to meeting people in everyday places like the grocery store, at work, or any other public place. With that, it is a good idea to dress down at certain times, so that men won’t be intimidated and approach you.

98. Do not be desperate in flirting.

When you are at a bar or at a coffee shop to give yourself a chance to flirt with someone, it is best not to be desperate about it. It is not a good idea to make eye contact with every guy that you see at the bar. Wait for the right moment, so that you would be able to enjoy flirting more.

99. Do not be a moving target. Always remember that a guy may need some time to observe you to become interested, as well as to gain enough courage to initiate his approach. Thus, you have to stay in one place at a bar for a certain amount of time, if you want the guy you are interested in to talk to you. Do not be a moving target, since such targets are usually harder to catch or approach.

100. Be happy.

When you go to a bar, you would most likely approach a person who is smiling, instead of the one who is looking sad or grumpy. This is because, people want to be happy, and happy people are simply more appealing than the ones who are unhappy. Thus, if you want to attract potential partners, then laugh all you want, and enjoy what you are doing, so that you can achieve success in it.

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