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32. Aim for a par first, before aiming for a birdie or eagle eye.

When you set your goals in playing golf, you should aim for more realistic ones first. For example, before you aim for a birdie, you should achieve hitting par consistently first. Par is actually the term used, which pertains to the number of shots needed for one to sink the ball into the hole. Consistently achieving par would make lots of people look up to you.

33. Learn more about the particular hole.

When you visit a golf course, it is best that you learn more about the round or the hole you are playing in. You should know its design well, by looking at maps that are usually available at the golf course. If you are able to do that, then you would be able to plan out your shots more effectively. 34. Learn more about the game.

34. Learn more about the game.

To excel in the game, you should learn more about it. There are lots of things that you can do in order to gather more information about it. You can purchase books about it, and you can even do your research online. Moreover, you can also ask questions about golf to your professional golf playing friends.


35. Become more familiar of the terms.

When you play golf, you would eventually come across lots of terms that you may not understand as a novice player. Thus, it is best that you become more familiar about it. Learning more about different golf terms, can help you communicate with other golfers as well as your trainer better. Some of the terms you may want to research on would include fore, bogey, bunker, handicap, and more.

36. Inhale the fresh air.

When you play golf, take advantage of all the benefits that it can offer to you, such as the fresh air. Playing golf offers you not just a chance to breathe fresh air, but also get enough exercise by swinging as well as in walking. In other words, it can also promote better health. Enjoy the game, so that you would be able to improve your performance in no time.

37. Don’t get discouraged when your ball gets out of bounce.

One of the things that you would commit in playing golf as a beginner is hitting the ball out of bounce. This would usually happen, when you hit it inside a group of trees, bushes, or hitting it towards a body of water. Keep in mind that even professionals in the game can commit this mistake. Thus, you should not get discourages, and just aim to improve on your performance.

38. Become more familiar about the different sets of golf clubs.

Always remember that golf clubs are created in different materials and styles, because they serve different purposes. Some are designed to maximize your power and achieve great distances, while others are designed so that you can make the ball go higher and avoid the trees. Each shot you take would require a different golf club, which is why you want to become more familiar about their functions.

39. Keep your golf clubs in a safe place.

Keep in mind that golf clubs are very expensive these days. Therefore, whenever you bring it outside your place to visit a golf course, you should put it in a safe place, to keep it away from thieves. When you store it inside your house though, you should also store it properly, so that people won’t trip over them.

40. How to hire a trainer.

Hiring a trainer is one of the keys in learning playing golf properly. However, you should consider factors when it comes to choosing the professional to train you. Some of the factors would include his experience, his style of teaching, and more. In addition, don’t forget to ask his previous and current clients, for their feedback about him.

41. How to find more information about golf.

Gathering more information about golf is important, since it can provide you with guidance in getting started with it. Lots of websites are launched today, which can offer you lots of valuable data about it. Aside from that, some of these sites can also recommend trainers to you, as well as books that you can read.

42. Compete.

Once you have gained enough experience in playing golf, it is time to join various competitions about it. You can even suggest one, which can be played by employees of the company you are working for. When you compete, you would become more motivated in training, since you want to do good in it.

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