101 Twitter Tips


6) Retweets
Retweeting is fine, as long as you don't do it often. Your followers aren't following you in order to get someone else's updates and advice – make sure that you have more content that you created in your stream than retweets and re-tellings.

7) Manual retweets or automatic
If you do decide to retweet make sure that you use the manual way to retweet. It is more cumbersome and takes more time, but your followers will be able to see you and your avatar next to it, and you will advertise yourself even further doing that.

8) Avoid automatic retweeting
By using Twitter's automatic retweeting feature, you might be saving yourself time and hassle, but you're passing it to your users. Your users will see tweets from people they don't follow and they might think that they've been infected with a virus, or that they got spam.

9) Use automatic retweeting to your advantage
If you decide – after all – to use the automatic retweeting feature in Twitter, use it to retweet things by people that you discuss with, and that recommend their followers to follow you. If you retweet regular followers' tweets it will make them feel that you're reading their updates and that you care about them.

10) Avoid proxies and official-speak
If people started following you because of who you are and what you've done, don't use people to update your tweeter feed for you. Followers will feel the lack of response and the official-speak that often characterize that type of feed. They will quickly stop following or they'll stop paying attention to you.

11) How to make the best out of official-speak
If you don't have the time and they want to go through and read hundreds and thousands of tweets by your followers, and all you can provide is a Tweeter account that doesn't offer personal information and views, use that account to publicize events where people can get what they want – personal views and information.

12) Automatic retweet – retweet friends' feeds
If you still choose to use the automatic retweet function that is built-in into Twitter, you need to pick and choose which ones to retweet that way. The best option is to retweet friends' tweets, or companies and individuals that work with you or are related to you. It will provide you with extra publicity since they talk about you and interact with you.

13) If you must use a proxy.
If you still opt to use an official Twitter account, instead of a personal one, it is best to state that – that the official one is maintained by proxies. You also need to offer a personal account, which you can update less regularly – if people want your view, they won't mind as much about the lack of updates.

14) Follow quality accounts to get better followers
Follow people that update often with new material. Not ones that update too much and with self-promoting updates. The people you will follow might follow you back, and they might advertise your account for you. The quality of their accounts affects the quality of the advertisement.

15) Don't overdo it – it will drive people away
Don't retweet things that you tweeted a short time ago. If you go on and on about the same subject, especially if it's whiny and/or promotional, people will get sick of it. Especially people that don't like a long feed to read – longer feeds make people expect higher quality tweets.

16) Keep your followers and get more readers by using hashtags
Hashtags are ways in which you can play and interact with your community of followers. You can start one, or participate in one, and slowly people from your community will join in the fun. It makes them more inclined to look out for and read your tweets, instead of skimming them.

17) Make your feed useful
Don't just make the feed about you – people can get sick of that, and if you are famous enough, they already get that via many other locations. Make them come back to your feed, or to recommend your feed to their friends, by occasionally offering various tips about the business you're in.

18) Embed your feed on your websites
You can get more followers by publicizing your tweets in other locations. It can be easily done using a software product that writes your latest updates on the side of a website. People that don't visit your feed will be exposed to it, and might become followers.

19) Participate in debates and discussions
Don't be afraid to step off the pedestal that fans have placed you on, and show your followers that you are reading their tweets. Participate, but remember to be cordial – don't hunt down followers & don't back them into a corner. Make sure they feel free to talk to you.

20) Don't answer everything
Some people will feel hurt and offended if you answer their questions in a way that can be interpreted as demeaning. Especially if you do it publicly. If you follow them and they follow you, use the Direct Message option in Twitter to talk to them privately. They'll appreciate it.

21) Retweet to get retweeted
If you make sure to retweet updates from your followers – ones that you find interesting, or that require more people to know about them or to see them, those people will be more willing to retweet your updates – especially the ones you want to be seen by as many people as possible.

22) Participate in Twitter-related products
People have fun looking at various statistics from your twitter feed. To create those statistics you can use many different services or software products. The end result allows you to advertise people that follow you, and you will be able to interact with them, which will attract more followers.

23) Think before posting
If you want to attract new followers, or at least keep your current ones, you need to make sure that you don't post something that might be interpreted as offensive or demeaning. Also make sure that your feed isn't too business-like and self-promotional, or too mundane.

24) Check the @username field
Occasionally check the @your-username tab that Twitter offers – you can automate the checking process by using clients and software products. Also, search for your username and real name via the search feature. Answer people's questions and queries – it will show them that you're friendly and active on Twitter, and they'll start to follow you.

25) Use software to maintain the "following" list
If you have a lot of followers that you want to follow back, the number of tweets and retweets can get overwhelming. If you will stop following people, they might get offended and you'll have fewer followers as s result. Use a software product to sift between @ replies and between the different users.

26) Put some humor in your feed
If you just tweet about the mundane, and occasionally about some job you got that you want to advertise – to get more eyes on it and self-promote, people will be less likely to follow you or to keep following you. Add some humor on occasions to make your feed appealing.

27) Go beyond the limitations in Twitter
Have a blog where you can write short thoughts you had or commentary. Publicize it on your twitter feed, and your followers will respond to it. If you'll have a short blog post that is quick and easy to read, people will be more likely to retweet it. The blog post will lead them to Twitter.

28) Be valuable in a certain niche
Some markets are overcrowded, and being good at them is hard to do. If there are 5 people or more that are better and more interesting than you on a certain subject, you will be kicked to the curb. Make sure you choose a niche, and that you're very good at it.

29) Don't overdo it
Know the limits of your followers. After a certain amount of tweets per day, it gets too much for them, and they either don't read the tweets, or they stop following you. Wait before you update your feed – you might be able to squeeze two updates into one.

30) Limit the number of automatic replies
If you have a program that automatically follows people that follow you and DMs them, it can be annoying after a while – especially if the message is a broad bland one. When you DM people it either alerts them via the client they use, via e-mail or via their cell phone – it can get distracting & annoying very quickly.

31) Post an interesting profile picture
Post a profile picture that is interesting and easy to recognize for your followers. They need to quickly manually sift through their friends' feeds, and read the things that interest them the most, from the people that interest them the most. A recognizable profile picture helps with that.

32) Take time to write your Twitter profile
Your Twitter profile is the thing that tells people who you are, what you like and what you do. If you'll just put a link in there and nothing else, people won't go to that link, because they don't know if it's relevant or interesting to them.

33) Don't change your profile picture too often
Your profile picture is a quick way in which people recognize your tweets – it makes them easier to seek them. If you change your picture too often, people will get confused – they might think you're somebody else. Announce before or after you change your profile picture, so your followers won't get confused.

34) Be up-to-date
If you are up-to-date with your tweets – either regarding news or regarding Twitter activities (like #FollowFriday) you will get greater exposure. People will retweet your tweets because they are relevant, and people will be interested in reading them. After several hours, almost everything has already been said, and people moved on.

35) Don't follow corporations on your official Twitter profile
Your official Twitter profile needs to be used for interaction with your audience. If you'll follow companies you will achieve nothing in terms of interaction – they will just self-promote. If those feeds are important for your job, or for you, set up a private profile for that.

36) Use programs and categories in order to find relevant people to follow
If you will follow the average Joe, it will be best if he is in a certain niche or a certain business that is related to yours. There is no point in following people that aren't interested in what you produce and in what you say in your feed.

37) You can search for Twitter groups online to increase targeted exposure
If you will be part of a group of Twitter users, instead of following one person at a time, you will get more exposure with the same effort. Make sure that the group you follow and interact with is an active group that is interested in your niche or products.

38) Avoid controversial topics and snarky remarks
If people will get offended by what you say, or if your tweets are targeted at a specific type of humor, followers will drop like flies. The same goes for snarky comments regarding news items and regarding Twitter users' updates. Be cordial – no one wants to follow a bad person.

39) Target your responses
If you search for certain strings or @ replies in Twitter, make sure that you only answer the ones that are clear and concise. Only reply to a question that you can give a full answer to. Wait before responding – if
several people ask the same question, address them all in the reply. It will reduce spam.

40) Manage your spam followers
Your genuine followers will check who follows you and who you follow. They might start following them, so it is important to make sure that you don't follow spam accounts. If they get burned by a spam account, they might stop following you and they'll recommend other people to stay away as well.

41) Start discussions
Don't just respond to threads – start them as well. Ask people questions - don't ask specific people, but rather your followers as a whole. If you'll start discussions and ask questions, your followers will bond with you and with each other, which will make them more attentive to your updates.

42) Connect with followers via other ways
Use Twitter as a starting platform – don't limit yourself to it. You can start other accounts on many different social networks and websites. Attract your current followers to those websites by posts and information you can't post via Twitter. That way you'll reach the people that follow your followers.

43) On occasions help people with trivial or small things
Help followers solve trivial or small problems, which are in a field you have a sufficient understanding of. It will encourage other people to follow you, and it will make you look like a nice person. It will also break the self-promotion that you perform, via links and @ replies.

44) Introduce followers to other followers
If you have followers that produce a certain website or podcast or product, and someone else might be interested in it, link him or her to that product and to the product's creator. Also, make sure to check out what your followers produce and give them feedback regarding it.

45) Search for current topics
Don't just wait for the trending topics list that Twitter publishes. Search for #keywords in the search box to learn what people think about a certain subject, and give your take on it, with #keywords as well. People searching for that keyword will find your tweets.

46) Join conversations that your followers are having
Don't be afraid to jump into a conversation your followers are having. Twitter is not a private place, and people can comment on almost everything. By joining a conversation, the people reading it will follow you and engage you in their conversations. Eventually, you will gain active followers.

47) Dedicate an e-mail account for your Twitter account
If you are interested in getting many followers, and if you expect to gain many followers, you need to dedicate an entire e-mail account for them. Follow that e-mail account using an e-mail in-box checker. You will get a lot of direct messages that will reach your e-mail account.

48) If you're trying to promote something, link to a preview or a taste-test
Don't try to sell products to followers by directly linking to them. They will get tired of all the links and of all the sales talk, and the coercing. Instead, advertise it by linking to a preview or a place where they can get it for a limited time.

49) Use software products to keep track of the people you follow that don't follow you back
If someone follows you and after you follow them back, they stop following you – then they're just trying to gain as many followers as possible. They're dead weight that you need to drop. Don't give them free advertising or attention. Make sure those accounts aren't company accounts, which follow selectively.

50) Converse with co-workers and colleagues
By having conversations with your colleagues and co-workers – people that are likely to answer you and to follow you, you can attract their followers to follow you, and vice versa. Give advice, respond to the work they did, and advertise what they did. They will return the favor.

51) Use software in order to give pre-prepared answers
You're sometimes busy so you can't always be on Twitter, and you can't always monitor it. Especially if you have a lot of @ replies and questions were thrown at you. People want quick and up-to-date answers, so you can choose certain strings to search for in Twitter, and the replies to those strings.

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