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The Most Successful Types of Facebook Posts

You really want your Facebook fans to enjoy interacting with you and to enjoy looking at your Facebook page. When fans enjoy the page, they’re more likely to end up becoming customers. Therefore, you need to know the most successful types of Facebook posts and utilize those posts to drum up fan interaction.

Questions about Them

While people love reading most kinds of Facebook posts, they really love questions about them. Everyone loves talking about themselves, so if you ask questions, they’re likely to answer. This might include questions like, “What’s your favorite movie,” or “What’s your favorite food,” etc. You might want to attempt to make the questions somewhat relatable to your business or products and services. For instance, if you’re a fiction writer and you want to ask a question, you might ask your fans where their favorite place to read is, or what their favorite snack is to eat while reading.


Everyone loves a good laugh. If you’re able to make your Facebook fans laugh, they’re really going to appreciate you. Remember to keep it classy, as you don’t want to offend anyone. It’s also a great idea to post jokes that are related to the type of business you offer. For instance, if your Facebook page is promoting your website design business, try to find website design jokes online. Or, let your Facebook fans be the first to read jokes that you’ve made up. Just
make sure they’re actually funny before posting or it could backfire on you!


Another thing Facebook fans love is contests. When you post a contest, you’re likely to receive a lot of interaction from your fans. You should let them know the rules of the contest (and they should be fairly easy rules), as well as what the prize is and when the contest ends. This way, they’re more interested and will be more likely to become part of the contest.


Finally, Facebook fans love reading about adventures of all kinds. Whether you’ve just been to see the newest movie or you’re backpacking through a foreign country, post stories of your adventures and pictures as well. This is wonderful for fans that are stuck in their office cubicles or at their homes because they have the chance to live vicariously through you a little bit. Facebook fans love seeing interesting posts like this and you’re sure to get some interaction from these types of posts as well.

Overall, just think about the types of things you like to read or see on Facebook and try to post those kinds on your page. Then, think about the posts that really annoy you and remember to stay away from those. It’s all about the things that your fans are going to find most interesting and want to comment on or like. Most importantly, you want them to “share” so that others have the chance to see your page and then like it if they so desire

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