What You Need to Know When Pursuing Wealth

The Law of Success

Simply by understanding common principles, of which some have already been discussed above, one can attain success. A conscious effort has to be made to provide good experiences for the mind. Nature has provided man with everything in vast abundance – sadly though human beings have not quite realized this fact. You must make up your mind to be successful.

How can you do this effectively? How can you develop will? Success comes with planning, determination, and faith no doubt. To ascertain this fact I suggest that you try the following: Choose some objective that you think you cannot accomplish, and then try with all your energy and strength to do that one thing. This could be anything, from drawing a portrait to mastering how to use the computer. When you have achieved success, go on to something bigger and continue striving forward exercising your willpower. Despite any setbacks do not be shaken at all, but derive strength from your surroundings and above all learn from like-minded people who have sought to achieve success courageously without ever losing hope.

Remind yourselves of people like Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Mother Teresa and many more who have achieved the coveted position, because of their innate power of faith and dynamic willpower. Remember, you too can achieve the same success. This law can be applied by anybody and it does work. It is true that our thoughts and actions shape our future and destiny. You must be willing to channel your talent and innate capabilities in the right direction, so that you can soar to new heights.

To recap on what has been said thus far, allow me to remind you what it takes to be successful.

• Planning is crucial and perhaps the most important step to your success.
• Prepare yourself to change your views, habits and your thought patterns.
• Only pursue tasks that are important. You must divide your needs from your wants – there is a fine line, so exercise discrimination.
• Watch your personal financial situation. Budget well and reduce spending.
• Surround yourself with people with a positive persona and those who are successful. Read books about people who have succeeded in life.
• Do not pretend to be who you are not. Be yourself and do not show off.
• Expand your horizon and be enthusiastic and ambitious.
• It is good to increase your income but it is even better to invest in assets that will make you wealthy.
• Prepare to work hard and make sacrifices.

Right actions enrich, strengthen and motivate us fully vitalizing our inner resources. Cultivation of such values and adhering to the right values of living will help us grow and achieve success. Such a consistent regime and exposure can mold our character and will help redeem our lower tendencies.

Time to Learn Who You Are

I would frown upon anyone who would even think of making a comment, by saying that success is only a wishful thought. We are not born failures – let me get this point straightened. We have all been successful in our lives at some stage or another, and this is an undeniable TRUTH.

The following points will surely enable you to understand who you really are, and that is a guarantee. Once you ascertain your own attributes, it becomes that much easier to embrace ideas that will allow you to leap to greater heights.

1. Are you generally enthusiastic and positive or the complete opposite?
2. Do you like to work hard and would you put in that little bit of extra effort if you did what you love most?
3. Are you being all that you can be – you may want to analyze your strengths and weaknesses.
4. Are you content with your present situation and/or circumstances?

Upon answering these three very important issues, you can determine your future. Remind yourselves about the importance of discipline and organization mentioned earlier.

The next point I wish to highlight is simplicity. Do not unnecessarily create hardships in the way of your work and the goal of success. By simplicity I mean, do not complicate the situation, and do not let success get to your head – pompous attitude is yet another problem that may bring you down. Be humble, assertive and righteous in your endeavors to succeed.

A calm individual can achieve virtually anything simply through the power of concentration – this is a scientifically based truth. Research has clearly shown that techniques like yoga, visualization, and relaxation can bring heightened awareness, thereby allowing the individual to reach his maximum potential. By the power of concentration and focus, a person can accomplish that which he/she has desired.

The Need for Change

We are all too aware that nothing ever remains permanent in life, despite understanding one fact that life itself is a continuum, what we have failed to realize is that our own attitudes, conditioning, and propensities stops us from incorporating changes. One of the most difficult things to change is our nature (the indelible thoughts), particularly those that have left a mark (blueprint) on our psyche. We may be able to change a lot of things around us but the need to change our thoughts, attitudes, and habits which almost certainly have become a part of our self-identity becomes arduously difficult a task. As with all things in a lifetime can heal anything and everything – allow time to help you grow in life and without wasting time reach your individual goals.

How do we change our mental attitude? The answer is very easy – once again there is no secret as such, nor is this arduous a task to implement. The primary answer lies in the word change itself. Initiating gradual changes in your lifestyle will help you reach your goal much faster. I say that the answer is easy with respect to how we can bring about positive changes because let us consider habits for instance.

Habits take time to take root, as we are all too aware. Just as you ‘learn’ your habits with time you simply begin to unlearn them. Habits are very difficult to eradicate at once, and thus you allow time to take care of your habits. What has this got to do with being happy and rich, I ‘hear’ you ask? Well, my friends, I would like to throw back the very same question to you!

Ask yourself why you have not been able to progress? Put into practice what you have gathered thus far. Sit in a quiet corner and open your heart out, and solve this problem – the answer to all your problems good or bad lie within you. The exactness of the problem will no doubt vary, but the reason(s) for it is self-explanatory. They stem from experiences, environment and your thought patterns. Why is it that person Y is able to quit smoking and yet person Z has many difficulties to quit the habit, though both have been smoking for ten years, and both smoke twenty cigarettes a day? The answer lies in what I have already discussed above, and it is our THOUGHTS.

The one thing that you will have to change in your life is your current perception of who you are, what others think of you and finally who you really are? While you can change your thoughts, your environment and your business strategies, what you will have to realize is that you will not be able to change the very Law of Nature – it is perfect. Thus, we must respect this and begin to adhere to its governing dynamics, without violating it. How can nature affect our success?

This is a valid question, but upon deep analysis, you will understand that we as human beings are constantly breaking the rules, laws and life’s eternal processes daily. Without digressing from the subject matter too much, carefully watch and notice how the beautiful rhythm of nature is fulfilling its duty daily without any discordance, and interruption. Likewise, we have a lot to learn from Nature. Deviation from truth leads to utter dismay and failure, and breaking the Laws of Nature will bring despair – in short, the macrocosm and the microcosm are indifferent.

The decisions that you make in your life will determine the outcome of your future events. Always think first of what you are about to do or intend doing, and by undertaking this act how will it then affect you. Do not act on impulse, but rather remain calm, quiet and try to maintain deep silence as much as you can. It is simply amazing what you can achieve through silence and introspection. I do suggest that you undertake a form of relaxation exercise, such as meditation or even yoga to help you achieve peace and success. Good judgment is a perfect indicator of wisdom through the expression of the power of intellect via the discriminative faculty.

If you have clearly recognized your folly, then you must admit mistakes and bad habits. If it annoys others or affects your health, conscience, financial status, family, well-being and your peace of mind, then you must ask, ‘How much better off would I be without it?’ If you do not benefit from this – why even take it up or think about it?

Understanding Failure

‘Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has.’ This is a fact because both the believer and the non-believer are quite likely to resort to this statement in support of their respective arguments. You have already been acquainted to life’s dualistic nature, and as such human reason will find both ‘pros’ and cons’ for both good and bad action respectively.

This is when you have to learn to be guided by the inner voice of ‘conscience’. The following arise from this innate powerhouse, intuition, truth, peace, righteousness, love, nonviolence (in words, deeds, actions and thoughts) and power of discrimination. These attributes have their existence in the soul.

This is the greatest truth that you cannot afford not to know. The effort is proportional to grace, but I wish to add that success is proportional to effort only when you have learned to appreciate the qualities of love. Whatever you do put in all your effort and do whatever you do with absolute love. Those who are willing to take risks achieve success. It is a known fact, that young people are more adaptable to changes. As we age it becomes a little tricky and tougher to bring about changes and the ability to adapt to wide-ranging comfort zones. Before it becomes too late, weed out the problem early on – do not allow it gnaw into your system. Like a virus take action and remove it from your system at once.

The fact is that we are born perfect (I do not mean this in a physical sense of the word), but the rigors of time ‘adulterates’ this perfection, and therefore the infinite possibilities that lie lurking within us become diffused. However, what makes us superior is that there is but one great and covetable gift which is ours all the time, and this is our extraordinary power to discover, develop and declare that we as human beings have the capacity to reach great if not greater heights – lying within us is the infinite source of energy that is distinctly ours! “We are helpless victims of our own desires and wants.”

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