What You Need to Know When Pursuing Wealth

The Final Goal

Most people as I am sure you will agree to do everything half-heartedly and the reasons(s) for this have all been covered. They do not use their full potential, mainly because they have not understood the power of the mind. Often we are drawn or compelled to do things that bring sorrow. Temporary pleasures bring sorrow, and consequently, the majority of us through fear or perhaps even lack of confidence are ‘forced’ to throw in the white towel. This need not be the case, because this book gives you the ability to overcome these hurdles, by delivering words so potent that you can change your circumstances. It is high time that you watch the graphs of your mind very carefully.

Upon introspection, it is now time to weed out the dirt and through the use of the power of discrimination distinguish that which gives you lasting happiness as opposed to sorrow. The bottom line is you have to exercise control over your thoughts. The following is included to guide you on your journey to wealth, health and happiness.

• Avoid dwelling on all the wrongs things you have done.
• Repeating wrong actions over and over become habits. Simply take care not to repeat those actions again.
• Do not think of yourself as a failure. Use failures as a means to acquiring success – do not give up until you reach your desired goal.
• You will have to erase the grooves of bad habits that you have created by creating good habits. If you are lazy decide to become positively active and assertive – set yourself tasks or goals and make sure you achieve them.

The fact that we resist change shows that we have our own ‘comfort zones’ and this is a result of our thoughts. Why is it that we resist change – the simple answer to this question is fear of change. A change means that we have to let go of that which we ‘feel’ is ‘right’ for us. The question then remains to be asked is what is right for you? This is a difficult one, and the answer is that until we are not fully contained within ourselves then even a millionaire who desires an extra million is a beggar.

How many of us are content?

We seek instant results, and when we do not ‘see’ results we become despondent and subsequently give up. It is my belief that when you desire a thing for the right reasons then nothing will ever stop you from acquiring it – this is the eternal law.

Paving Your Path to Success

I wrote this book with only one intention in mind and that is to help you understand and ultimately help you realize the Power of the Mind. What you will shortly find out is a series of steps that you have to follow very strictly to ascertain your deep-seated desire. These steps are not monumental tasks, but simple guidelines to get you started.

1. Believe in yourself, and the power of affirmations. Successful people become successful through the constant use of their willpower. Do not be frightened of mishaps in the initial stages. Transform failures into success
through wisdom, strength, and faith.

2. Believe in the philosophy of ‘simple living and high thinking’.

3. Do not hold anything against anyone. Strive to overcome your past grievances and move on. Try to forgive everybody ‘hurt never help ever’.

4. Honesty is the golden rule. Observe silence, meditate and remove all negative tendencies from your system (i.e. jealousy, ego, hatred, fear and so on). Stick to the following principles, love, truth, righteousness, peace, and non-violence (you must not even injure anyone through your speech, actions, and thoughts).

With absolute determination, it is relevant that to acquire success you associate with people who have already attained it. To appreciate the purpose of this book, it becomes vitally important to scrutinize the following points. It will make more sense to you now why success or failure depends on how you define yourself:

IMAGE: The better you feel about your self-image the more likely you will succeed. An image does not necessarily mean looks; it also has a deeper meaning and connotes reflection. The image that you may have about yourself is more likely to stem from what you ‘think’ about yourself. The internal environment that I have discussed earlier can play a crucial role in determining your final goal.

EMOTIONS: It is obvious that our thoughts and feelings, which are subtle, have tremendous influence in our lives. The best way to counteract these subtle forces is to exercise silence during meditation and relaxation exercises. It is advisable to take up a form of exercise to keep your mind positively active. Of course, the second benefit is health. Healthy body serves as a perfect ‘vehicle’ to do well. Every individual seeks happiness in life. Now the very happiness we seek becomes a joy once found. This joy can surmount to ‘bliss’ simply by incorporating.

LOVE. You must share the love in what you do and you must love what you accomplish daily in your life. In the silence of the night, introspect and learn how to improve your life (in words, deeds, thoughts and actions) and thank the supreme universal energy.

Together with what has been said above, good communication skills, interaction and the good relationship is the way ahead – this is ultimately the essence of fine virtues and character that will make you successful. Develop a harmonious personality, and remember what was mentioned at the start, always use loving words – words can bring peace or start a world war.

Conditioning your mind effectively will allow you to reap the rewards. It is very good practice to scrutinize your daily thoughts just prior to bedtime and log this in your progress book. Set goals and targets daily and work at it until you achieve them. Time is the most precious asset in life, use it wisely – time wasted is life wasted. When you decide to achieve success in your life, make sure you do not have conflicting thoughts. If you learn how to consciously control and thus implement the inexhaustible powers within you, you can accomplish much more.

Language is nothing but the expression of thoughts and experiences. Communication plays a vital role in your overall success, much less your day-to-day living. Through the power of knowledge, you can achieve specific goals, because the secret of our strength is in our knowledge. When you have an idea that is workable it is necessary to focus on it hundred percent. Do not tell the world about it – there is no need for such ‘show’. Ponder over it and develop it into a ‘product’ that has a sound base. Without a firm foundation, an edifice has no chance to stand.

The Law of Prosperity

There is no harm to desire success and all the other good things in life, but rest assured, the desire which leads to the nagging feeling of lack or incompleteness can be dangerous. If for any reason desire leads to sleepless nights and frustration - it is time to STOP whatever is it that you are doing. Contentment is the true single factor of affirming your abundance. A selfish desire leads to utter failure!

Spiritual law is very powerful indeed. That said, you must endeavor to follow the following principles daily in your life. Always be good to all around you, do not be treacherous and deceitful. Beware of the ego and be true and sincere. Thoughtfulness is incredibly important, so always remind yourself of people who may not be so lucky, and extend your helping hand as much as you possibly can to those who deserve it. Training your mind to accomplish great heights is not a difficult task. In your spare time, do not waste your energy; instead, spend time contemplating on the power of your innate being.

Meditate daily and visualize your success and your goals. My friends, the power of the mind is simply awesome, the fact is that we do not even use 10 percent of it in our daily lives – now based on this scientific understanding just imagine what you could achieve if you were to use the remaining 90 percent? Just as you savor food when you chew it and taste it – perform each and every act with a sense of gratitude and do it willingly and most importantly happily.

Do NOT follow every little impulse blindly, learn to reflect and distinguish between what is temporary and fleeting and what is lasting, what is essential and what is non essential, between what is pleasing and what is unworthy. Self-conquest will give us that which we are seeking. It has to be stressed that balance is also an essential ingredient in your quest for success and wealth. You must allocate time for yourself and your family or the loved ones. A permanent happiness must be independent of a changing environment.

Do not become a workaholic or a ‘wealthpreneur’ freak in your quest for success, lest it damages your relationship, much less your attempts to sincerely succeed in life. Do not deviate from the path of righteousness or the Law of Nature. It is great fun indeed to witness success and wealth, and the joy that wells up is beyond belief no doubt. However, if happiness, joy and success all come at once at the expense of your health, then I am afraid it is all a terrible waste. The way to being wealthy is by the employment of the following virtues which is our real true nature, and it is to be found not just in human beings but everything around you: Truth, righteousness, peace, love and non-violence. Ask yourself, that if all fellow human beings apply these attributes consistently – the world and its inhabitants would prosper.

We must approach all our work (including problems) or duties with concentrated energy and thus execute it with absolute perfection. Endeavor to do all the things (little or however small a duty or job this may be) in an extraordinary way. Perform all your work and duty with LOVE and enthusiasm, and watch the results. Never attempt anything half heatedly; you will not progress in life.

Power of Words

Power of words can have a very strong impact on our minds and in our lives. Before I continue, I would like you to cogitate on the following question, could someone remain silent at all times? Not letting anyone know what is inside his/her heart and mind for the mere reason of not being verbally or emotionally expressive? Yet I can say with certainty that each and every one of us are silent talkers. We talk to ourselves in many ways and situations, some times we hurt ourselves and yet at other times, silent talking brings a wonderful smile to our faces!

Communication is therefore very important in life. Words are powerful and depending on how they are spoken, they can influence our day-to-day thought processes, actions, behavior and our outlook towards life as a whole. Of course depending on how they are used the effect words can have is quite incredible, they can be used to persuade, inform, hurt, ease pain or even start a war! Words spoken with great emotions have the power to bring changes that can speed up the body’s healing process! This enormous power is in the meaning of the words, what they mean to the person who hears them. Far more than simple communication, truth, falsehood and the infinite shades between them, words have the power to manipulate other people's thinking and behavior.

It is our interpretation of words that is the true cause of our emotional reactions. Words spoken softly, unselfishly, innocently and with absolute love are the ones that get lodged indelibly in our being from whence they produce their overwhelming soul stirring effect. Thus it is so important to use words selectively and appropriately at any given time and situation. Modern science is beginning to appreciate the powerful effect words can have on our bodies when they are used in the form of prayers or even affirmations. Did you know that through conscious effort, we could create a very strong willpower in ourselves?

Affirmation for success:

I will pursue relentlessly, as it is my birthright to be successful. I am powerful and I shall achieve what I need at the time I need. I am destined to reap the fruits of my actions and I will share my joy in success with all I know.

Benefits of Affirmations
• Self-esteem and a positive outlook
• Helps you achieve goals and targets
• Improve you memory and skills
• Helps to create an inner self-belief (willpower, confidence, and character)
• It can help you evolve spiritually

Words spoken softly gently and lovingly will be attractive and procure instant admiration. Wealth is in itself a word, and by itself, it does not mean anything. The one single factor, which gives the word wealth, the meaning is the intellect. The wealth of information is nowhere to be found, but it is with us at all times. Intellect is cultivated through logic, and the main point is that dry logic and philosophy can often prove counter productive. Thus, it is essential to communicate effectively, because in pursuit of wealth, you will need to sell yourself your business or your company via communication (words).

However, communication on its own will not reciprocate your success. The Power of Unconditional Love It seems to me that people have forgotten the real value, meaning, and definition of the word love. You may exclaim and say what has love got to do with wealth! It is naturally difficult to define true love, let me explain, say you want to learn how to swim, you read books about the art of becoming a good swimmer, but until you do not jump into the swimming pool under guidance, the true meaning of swimming does not have any real value or meaning.

You will have to taste the fruit to know its real flavor, as the saying goes. Selfish love rooted in desires that are in no way harmonious is the most damaging, and if you become ‘immersed’ in acquiring your goals via deception, calumny and against all the noble and ethical principles that you might as well put this book away. Those who understand love live in harmony and it is natural that these individuals will attract what they have willed to achieve.

The greatest power of attraction in every sense of the word be it a relationship, business and friendship is love. As a budding entrepreneur, remember that the attractive power of love is incredible – you must practice compassion, and watch yourself grow and watch your venture thrive. Upon achieving any form of success in life it becomes pertinent that no matter what happens, you do not force your success on anybody – avoid egoism, pride and do not impose your power on anyone – it is wrong to do so.

It is crucial that by getting wealthy, you do not abuse your newly acquired ‘power’. When power is used appropriately know that you have achieved glory.

This course is written with the view to allow you to discern the innate latent powers that lie dormant within each and every one of us. Opportunity seekers cannot really afford to ‘chose and pick’, but rather they should learn to capitalize on every bit of chance that is afforded to them. As a seeker avail yourself of opportunities that have the potential to become an indispensable gateway to success – it is all about taking calculated, controlled, measured and an informed risk.

Wealthy individuals have created their own career because they are true believers of success. These are individuals who cannot stop until they achieve success. They become rebellious fighters only to earn their unflinching goal – they are disciplined warriors wielding their weapons of truth, honesty, sincerity, compassion, determination, power, principles, righteousness, wisdom, faith, self-belief, creativity, fortitude and prowess to reach heights par excellence. Life functions strictly according to the natures of incorrigible laws. The reason for this is to establish efficiency, and within the ambit of law, the rational intellect in man can be developed to a greater efficiency.

You are wealthy already, however, due to the lack of understanding your powerful innate qualities, these attributes lying in abundance have not found the dynamism to express and manifest. Finally do not take life too seriously. Life is a journey made possible for us all, and if we are willing to give ourselves the opportunity to grow, then life can be so wonderful an experience. It is most entertaining, especially when one follows its governing principles religiously.

Be happy at all times, when difficulties arise, laugh at them, and employ the dynamic willpower within you to fight them off. As mentioned elsewhere, the body and especially the mind is truly an amazing instrument we have. State of complete tranquility is possible and there is mounting proof to establish the greatness achieved by common people throughout history – it is time that you employ the powers of your mind to achieve your desire(s).

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