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It‟s time to set up your domain names on eBay! Before we do this, however, there are a couple of important things to take into consideration:

1) If you are new to eBay, you should take some time to read their website and get to know how their auctions work, as well as the applicable fees and listing options.

2) You can lose a lot of money buying into the bells & whistles so avoid purchasing any add-ons when you list your domain names. You do not need a featured listing, a highlighted auction title, or any of that silly stuff.

3) Your feedback rating is very important with anything you sell on eBay, whether it‟s domain names or children's toys. People judge you based on the feedback you have received so if you have any negative feedback, I would suggest creating a new eBay account.

If you are brand new to eBay, there is little you can do to generate positive feedback quickly, other than to ensure that you follow through with your auctions, keep open communication with your buyers and be prompt when pushing your domain names after they have purchased.

4) Open a Paypal account; it‟s almost required in order to sell on eBay these days. People prefer Paypal and it just makes things a lot easier.
You can open and verify a Paypal account within a couple of days, so do your best to set this up prior to listing your auctions.

5) Choose a relevant eBay username. Don‟t try to be trendy and pick some crazy sounding username, choose one specifically for the domain and/or site flipping. Something like DomainExperts or DomainTrends would be just fine. If you end up not liking what you chose you can change it every 30 days.

When you list your auctions on eBay, you should start them all off at $.99. Do not place a reserve on these auctions, and do not add any restrictions or limitations of any kind. Just set them up individually, and list them at $.99 each to start. For beginners the idea of paying $8 for a domain name and listing it at $.9 is nerve-wracking however with a lower start-up price, you will entice more bidders to participate and your auction will boost up in price quickly.
Once people become attached to the domain, they will create a bidding war against any other user who tries to take it away from them and you will see your auction soar as it gets closer to the end of the time, so don‟t be too nervous about losing money.

If you have paid more than the basic registration of a domain name, meaning that you have purchased a domain name for more than $7-9, depending on what you paid for the domain you may want to start the auction off on a higher amount, just be aware that the lower the start up bid, the more activity it will receive. By not listing a reserve fee you will also be able to list your domains on eBay at a lower cost, as eBay charges sellers a fee for including a reserve price. You should also pay attention to eBay listing sales, which occur from time to time and feature reduced fee auctions. Whenever you see one of these, list as many domains as you can and save yourself a bundle in listing fees. I also do not recommend that you feature a BIN (Buy It Now) price either, as you may end up short-changing yourself if you list the BIN at a lower price than others are willing to pay. Let the auction determine its own price and run its course.

When selling your domain names on eBay, always choose a relevant category. Personally, I always use: Computers & Networking > Web Domains & Services > Domain Names > .Com

Also be sure to include a direct headline to your auction listing, which describes the domain name you are featuring. Include the domain name in full within your auction title (example: not just And most importantly, ALWAYS include a “domain idea”, something that can provoke thought and get potential buyers to consider the various options that are available to them when using the domain name. Example: “ - Premium .com For Directory Name” Within your listing you will be asked to enter in additional information including the Type (which is Domain Names), the extension (.com) and a brief description.

Always include the domain registrar, the age (unless it‟s brand new then do not include it), and utilize the free option to include a gallery picture just because research has shown that auctions showcasing a photo of any kind will receive more attention. When creating the body text of your listing, you want to provide as many ideas for possible use as you can, as well as giving them as much information relating to the auction as possible such as Payments

Accepted and your terms (Payment is due within two days of the auction, etc)

Transfer Time – How quickly you can push the domain over after payment is received, (I always include “Transfer Within 24 Hours Of Payment Receipt”) And a link to any other domain auctions that you currently have going. This is very important and it‟s a great way to inter-link your auctions and encourage multiple purchases from your buyers since they can purchase as many as they like and pay all at once with the eBay checkout system. The link to your other auctions is available under “Sellers Other Items”. Just right click and choose “Copy Link” and create a new link in your listing that links to one another. Also be sure to include how long the domain is registered for, so buyers can determine how soon they will be required to renew it. There are a lot of buyers who will not purchase a domain name that is due to expire within two months, so if you have just registered the domain name, then be sure to emphasize the fact that it is only expiring in a years time. When listing your auction you can choose the time frame in which it will remain active. I typically choose the 7 or 10-day auction plan.

Be sure that you are available on the day that your auction ends and that you answer any questions that you receive during the course of your auction (and you can expect a handful). Also be sure to include contact information, a Gmail account will suffice and is easy to manage… Once again, choose an email address that relates to the domain industry but avoids “domain flipping”, “domain flipper” or terms like that. “[email protected]” or “[email protected]” will give a better impression to your potential buyers and will simply look more professional.

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