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Now that you’ve been accepted into a few networks, it’s now time to go about selecting CPA offers that will bring in the cash that you are looking for. Let’s first go over the types of offers that you’ll find in the typical CPA Network.

Type – 1: Information Submits

The easiest offer to convert from my experience is a “zip submit” offers an “email submit”.

All the person has to do is submit their zip code into a form field and you are paid. It’s just that simple; of course, the issue here is that you need to generate targeted traffic.

This category is, of course, the easiest to convert but is also the lowest paying option available. You’ll need massive volume to start making substantial money using Zip and Email Submits. The typical “email submit” will pay you around $1.50 and the typical “zip submits” will pay around $1.20 on average. Those payout rates will vary based on the network.

It’s very important that your leads convert into a full lead sale for the advertiser. You are not paid extra when it does, but it keeps the advertisers happy, so quality is a must.

From my experience zip submits convert at around 40-50% so you should be looking to generate as much targeted traffic to these offers. When a person enters their zip code, you get paid, but there is a continuation to the form, so you want to make sure that the traffic that you are delivering to your zip submit offers is highly targeted.

Many people are making money with fake leads. I do not recommend this, as in the long run, it’ll hurt you.

Do not be tempted to get your friends and family start visiting your offers and entering their zip codes and email addresses. Eventually, it can lead to you getting terminated from the affiliate network or at minimum being banned from promoting any further zip submit offers. Deliver true traffic and you can start making some serious money with zipping submit offers. Below is an example of a typical zip submit the offer. The person has to simply enter their zip code, you get paid, and they move on throughout the process of getting their free dinner for 2.

Of course, the person does not get a free dinner for 2 just for simply entering their zip code. You get paid for them doing that, but for the user to get their free dinner, they more than likely need to complete a couple of free non-obligation offers.

That’s usually the “catch” with zipping and email submit offers.

Even though zip submits are good, you won’t find as many when compared to email submit offers. These offers are available in abundance and usually, pay a few cents more than zipping submit offers.

When a person submits their email address you are paid and just like the zip submit the offer, they need to complete a few free offers to be eligible to claim their prize. Unlike zip submit offers, there is a bit more value in email submits, as even if the person does not go on to continue the offer, at least their email address was captured, and along with agreeing to the privacy policy of the offer, the advertiser now has a new lead that they can market their products and services to. That’s basically how email submits works. Your goal is to throw as much targeted traffic to the offer as possible. I’ve found that the conversion rate is a bit lower than the zip submits, so you can expect a conversion rate of approximately 30-35% on most email submit offers.

If your traffic is really interested in “freebies” then your rate could increase, but on average I’ve achieved the percentage rate as noted. When selecting an email to submit offer there are two things you can do to increase your conversion rate.

A - Possible Pre-Sell On The Offer.

If you are promoting the email submit an offer on your web-page. You can write a paragraph of text that basically informs the user beforehand what they can expect from the offer. Let them know that by simply entering their email address, they can be eligible for a Free iPod or Free Playstation 3, etc.

Whatever the email submit promotes, be sure to mention it in your pre-sell. You’ll find that your conversion rate increases when you pre-sell when compared to just pointing them to the offer.

B - Relevant Email Submit Offer.

If your website is all about iPods, then you should find an iPod email submit an offer to promote on the blog. Your conversion rate will skyrocket when you target your email submit offers specifically to your niche.

Type – 2: Financial Offers

Most CPA networks will have a section of offers that cater specifically to financial offers. These offers will range from credit scores, credit cards, loans, payday loans and debt relief. These are usually very high paying offers and can be high converting if you target them correctly. Keep in mind these offers do not require the person to purchase anything.

These are usually “lead” type offers, so you are basically paid for the person to submit their name, address, telephone number and other information into a form. Let’s review a few of the types of offers available.

 Credit Score Offers

With these types of offers, the user has to sign up for a free credit report which includes credit monitoring. Since the credit monitoring is a free trial, the user has to input a credit card since after the free trial the monitoring is charged to the card on file. You’ll be paid from $15-$20 for every person that signs up for the offer through your affiliate link.

I’ve had conversions in the range of 5-10% on these offers. The reason the conversion is in that range is due to the user having to input their credit card, this lowers your conversion. If you are targeting users who are actively seeking their credit report, that rate can increase, but again it’s a matter of pre-selling the user. To pre-sell credit score offers, you should write about the importance of checking your score, and if you’ve have active monitoring; you can talk about how it has benefited you. Basically, you are recommending the service beforehand, so that by the time they reach the offer, they are looking to sign up. This will increase your conversion on these types of offers.

 Debt Relief Offers

I like these offers since you can truly pre-sell the user on the benefit of eliminating debt. The economy as it is today, debt seems to be a severe problem, and most people are looking to reduce their debt as much as possible. On your blog you can make a post about various ways of reducing debt and recommend the CPA offer. Of course, you do this in a subtle way, as you do not want to come off as a car salesman pushing the person to complete the offer. These offers range from $15-25 for every person you refer.

If you have a blog that is geared towards debt relief, you should be able to get a few people each day to complete the offer. It’s very important that whatever offer you decide to promote that your blog post or blog niche in general be specific to the offer. This will definitely increase your conversion. With debt relief it’s also good to share a personal story. It can be your own story, or a story of a friend. You just need to ensure that it is personable, engaging, and that the end result shows the importance of debt relief. That can also act as your pre-sell without having to push the user into the debt relief offer. It will be basically your goal to input the importance of debt relief into your visitor’s head that will then lead them to complete your CPA offer.

When selecting a debt relief offer, be sure to review all the offers available within each network. You want to select one that pays high, but that the actual landing page has clear instructions regarding what the user needs to do to complete the offer. Select the landing page that you believe will result in the most conversions.

If after selecting an offer and it’s not converting, switch to another one to see how that one performs. Test each offer for one week to get an idea which one is performing the best, and then stick with the best performing offer. Do not settle for one offer without first testing a few, as you could be losing out on more money.

 Payday Loan Offers

This is perhaps one of the highest paying offers out there right now in the financial section. For instance, has an offer paying you $42 for every payday loan application. If you can generate enough targeted traffic to such CPA offers you can really make a substantial amount of money.

The way to promote a payday loan offer is to relate to the user. On your blog or website, you discuss the pros and cons of payday loans and provide tips to the user about ensuring they are approved for the loan, along with tips to get it paid off as quickly as possible. By helping guide the user you are building trust, and they will more than likely sign up for the payday loan that you recommend on your site. It’s about building trust with these offers. Most people looking for payday loans are in desperate need and actively looking for help. Your job is to provide insightful information along with recommending them a good payday loan company. You’ll be paid for every successful application.

If your blog or website is set up to specifically talk about payday loans or just about anything financial in general, you can really stand to make a big profit from these offers. Keep your site as targeted as possible to the CPA offer being promoted and you’ll see a good conversion rate with the offer. As always, even though I mentioned, there are other networks that offer payday loan offers as well. Be sure to review each network, and select the one that you believe will convert. Again, you should split test your offers and then stick with the highest converting offer.

Type – 3: Insurance (Related) Offers

People are always looking for good deals on insurance. Due to this, this market can also be a good money maker for CPA offers. It doesn’t take much for a person to complete a CPA offer that relates to insurance, especially the car insurance market. In most cases, all that is required is a name, address, email address and telephone number and you are paid for the lead. The leads for insurance offers ranges from $9 all the way up to $30, it all depends on how much information is needed on the form, and the type of insurance offer. In general, auto insurance leads pay much lower than health insurance leads. An average car insurance lead will pay you around $9 but a health insurance lead can pay you $30 per lead.

The reason for this is car insurance leads are easier to fill out, while health insurance leads are usually more in-depth and require more information. If you are looking for a bigger conversion then you should stick with car insurance, as it’s usually no obligation leads and doesn’t require much from the user to submit. You’ll also find that the car insurance leads are more geared towards auto warranties. These offers are basically targeting users who have expired warranties on their older vehicles but still require coverage. Your site should discuss the importance of car warranties and focus on older vehicles. Once you’ve done discussed on your site the pros of getting a new auto warranty then you can introduce them to the auto warranty offer that you are promoting. Your conversion ratio will be much higher when you go about it this way than just setting up a random site and having auto warranty ads within it. Every offer you promote should be targeted.

Type – 4: Health Product Offers

 Skin-Care & Anti-Aging

This is a very niche specific category as it usually targets women who are starting to see the effects of age on their skin. The main demographic is women over the age of 45 in most cases. With that said, there are many products that state their product helps to eliminate wrinkles and age spots. Your goal is to find anti-aging products that compliment each other well. That way you can recommend both products on your blog and receive two sales instead of one.

For example, you can find an offer that helps with eliminating wrinkles, and then find a follow-up product that helps with moisturizing or some other kind of benefit. If you can find reviews for the product as well, you can use those as part of your pre-sell pitch. Then after mentioning product number one, you mention product number two as an addition to their overall skin care needs. By combining the two, you are increasing your sales potential. So instead of just making $30 on product number one, you can earn $60 in total sales. That’s providing both offers are $30 per sale products. What’s good about the skin care market is that most of the offers also have a free trial. This means that in some cases, the buyer of the product only has to pay shipping and handling. Browse through all the CPA networks that you are a member of, and find the skin care products that offer free trials as these will have higher conversion than those that you have to pay in full.

 Weight Loss Product

The weight loss market is still huge right now. Everyone is looking to lose weight, shed fat, and basically look better overall. That means that the opportunity to make some serious cash with weight loss related offers is at its peak. People are buying all kinds of offers hoping to reach their weight loss goals. I know that most people may think that the weight loss market is saturated. It is true that there are tons of offers out there, but there is a reason for that. It simply means that it is working. The average person does not buy just one offer or product. They usually buy multiple products hoping that at least one of them works. Since that’s the case, promoting CPA offers that deal with weight loss can be extremely lucrative. Weight loss offers will range from $25-35, and usually, convert in the 1-5% range. The conversion ratio has not been that great, but with enough traffic being generated to your offer, those $35 sales add up pretty quickly.

Right now, the hottest product for weight loss is “Acai Berry” offers. Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Ray, and others have all mentioned the benefits of “Acai Berry” on their show. This has led to many “Acai Berry” products being developed.
Every major CPA network has an “Acai Berry” product available. The payout is usually in the $30 per sale range. The best part of the “Acai Berry” offers is that most of them offer a “free trial” so the costs to the user are usually in the $4.95-$5.95 range, which helps your conversion.

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