How to Strike Gold with Resale Rights

The Basics

While some people know exactly what resell right are, some have a very vague idea about it. There are so many different kinds of resell rights that any marketer will be bewildered at the time of either creating his own product with resale rights or to work with a product which already exists. Even though this is not a very simple topic, we will try to explain this as easily as possible in this article.

The products with resale rights come in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are a large number of products bundled all together and then sold for a very low price. Or else, there is a single product which is sold for a very high price, say a four figure price. Apart from these, there are the several varieties of resale rights already mentioned.

To begin with, there are the simple resale rights. These simply give you the right to sell your product and offer nothing else. This basic resale right will not allow you to claim that the product is your own nor can you give someone else the resale rights for this particular product.
These rights are generally the cheapest rights you can get, and they make it much simpler to get into the black. In a lot of cases, these rights are free, but they usually have a fixed price and terms of sale.

To put it simply, suppose if the product sells for $20, you have to sell it for $20 only, and not at a price higher or lower than $20. When you are buying the rights for a certain product, make sure that you understand it perfectly before you sell it because there are sure to be support questions which you will be faced with.

Master resale rights are somewhat more complex. These rights generally come with the webpage to accompany the product you are dealing with. These rights allow you to not only sell the product but also to pass the reseal rights for this particular product to your customers.
There are two kinds of private label rights. The first kind is one where you are given the resale rights of a products which is already created and you are also allowed to put your own name on the product as the ‘author’ of the product but, the clause here is that you cannot change this product in any way whatsoever.

All that you are allowed to do by virtue of this right is -sell the product and also put your name on it as long as it is kept completely in the original state without any alterations.

The second kind of private label rights is called the source code rights. This right involves a product which is not finished and ready for sale. It is the raw source code which you can use to create the finished product. It will be in source code format if it is a program such as an ad blaster.

If you want to create an informational product, for example an eBook, then it will come in a word processor format such as Microsoft Word. You can change this product in any way that you wish to, including making it a product which will grant resale rights of any of the kinds already mentioned.

These rights are generally associated with software and allow you to change the source code that comes with the product so that you can alter the software to suit your own requirements or to remove any bugs in the product before you sell it in your target market.

Rebranding rights are those which deal with products which are similar to the ones described above but they are more restrictive because you can frequently rebrand only certain links, to include your own associate links for example, and cannot alter the main content in any way.

Royalty rights are usually associated with physical products and even though you are allowed to resell the product, you cannot keep 100% of the profit  you shall have to pay the original author a commission or a certain percentage of the profits per sale.

This article was a simple summary of the various kinds of resale rights which are available but there is one final point of importance. You have to remember that every product is different in some way and will come with its own resale rights. You should always make sure that you read the License Agreement well, so that you understand what you can and cannot do with the product.

Get in touch with the original creator of the product if you are in any doubt so that he can explain the rights to you.

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