Maximum Conversions: Creating A Killer Squeeze Page

The Anatomy Of A Max Conversion Squeeze Page

Let’s take a closer look at the anatomy of a successful squeeze page, so that you can begin to build your own high converting offer!

Layout & Design

To begin, your squeeze page needs to be clean and free of clutter. You want visitors to focus on filling out the opt-in form generated by your autoresponder account, and ultimately, this box needs to be highlighted. This means that you need to take a very different approach to constructing your squeeze page as you would with a traditional sales page, and rather than a lot of text or copy, you need to provide bite-size bullets that emphasize the key benefits to subscribing to your list. Your most important content should always be ‘above the fold’, which simply means that visitors can read it without having to scroll down.

Your squeeze page should consist of:

 Captivating Headline and subheadline that reinforces your strongest point or benefit.
 Bullet List outlining the key benefits to joining your list.
 Opt-In Box, clearly identified on the page (preferably above the fold)
 Privacy Statement that demonstrates your commitment to safeguarding their information.
 Your Name and Contact Information - to begin building trust between you and your audience.

You don’t want to create a squeeze page that is graphic intensive, slow loading, complicated or confusing. You also want to eliminate external links or navigation menus so that the ONLY option visitors have is to subscribe to your mailing list. “Give people too many options and they’ll choose none”. So, overcome lackluster copy by keeping it focused and highly geared towards taking them from a visitor to a confirmed subscriber.

Headlines & Ad Copy

Your headline should appeal to your target audience, and be focused on emotion-driven responses. You want to write compelling, personal and emotional copy that really communicates with your visitors. For example, if you were developing a mailing list for the work at home industry, your title could focus on fear-based factors and direct influences such as: “8 out of 10 work at home job seekers will be a victim of an online scam. Find out how you can eliminate any chance of being one of them!”

You would then offer a report that identifies the top 10 work at home schemes or bogus job offers, tying in your initial giveaway offer with a later upsell to a “Complete Guide To Work At Home”. The idea is to have an entire system planned out before you even create your squeeze page. You want to have a clear idea of what you intend to offer subscribers later on. A theme, a topic, consistency. Then, you can design your squeeze page and incentive offer around future promotional based broadcasts, knowing that your subscriber base is clearly identified as being made up of people genuinely interested in specific topics.

Try to narrow down your scope so that you are able to build targeted lists for every single offer you promote.
For example, if you are interested in both the work at home industry and the affiliate marketing industry, while both of these groups are apparently interested in making money from home, one group may be interested primarily in actual jobs, where they are hired on a telecommuting basis and the other in starting their own online affiliate based business. In order to cater exclusively to specific groups (and boost conversion and open rates for your email campaigns), you need to be able to tap into the types of offers each group is interested in. This is called segmenting your lists, and you can do it both building individual squeeze pages, landing pages and incentive offers for each niche market you are focused on, but you can also do this by requesting additional information on your actual squeeze page. For example, by default, your autoresponder account will generate an opt-in box that simply asks for their full name and email address.

In order to segment your lists and group subscribers based on specific demographics, you could request that they provide additional information such as their skill level with certain tasks, their interest in specific fields, location and so on. By having access to additional information pertaining to each subscriber base, you will be able to create customized campaigns that are far more likely to yield results.

You can apply additional custom fields to your opt-in form from within your autoresponder administration center. Once you have created a new campaign, your autoresponder will generate the necessary code. You then copy and paste this into a table on your squeeze page.


Always use a headline that is clear and precise and explains exactly what your subscriber will receive.


Remember, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention or risk losing out on potential subscriptions, so keep this in mind when considering what headline would work best for your niche market.

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