The Best Advertising Options for Your Money


The Good-

✔ Is usually in vivid exciting color, and color is a prime motivator of the human mind.
✔ Uses all elements of sight, sound, and movement at once to form a powerful package that hits on all level of human senses (except touch and smell).
✔ Can deliver your message to all people in a room simultaneously.
✔ Is fast, but not as fast as newspaper or radio because it tends to require more production.
✔ Like radio it is intrusive. The customer does not have to seek out the ad like they must to find a movie listing or a rummage sale. The ad comes to the viewer.
✔ Available nationally, regionally, or locally.
✔ Television ads can be purchased to focus on concentrated geographical areas, especially with the advent of cable.
✔ Has a wide variety of programming to match the nature or subject matter of your ad. Want to sell rock-n-roll CDs? Buy ads during Beavis and Butthead or Melrose Place. Want to sell feminine hygiene products? Buy time during soap operas.
✔ TV has more reach than any other medium in terms of all segments of society. Just about everyone watches TV, but not everyone reads newspapers or magazines.
✔ Is good for repetition of ads.
✔ TV can deliver your ad at any time of the day, 24 hours a day.
✔ You can get an exclusive, that is, your ad need not compete with a clutter of other ads --but you may have to pay dearly for it.
✔ Tends to be more cost efficient in terms of the number of responses it produces compared to dollars invested.
✔ Is probably best for reaching those people who tend not to use any other form of media.

The Bad-
✗ Most often is very cluttered. Your commercial may be sandwiched deep within a string of other commercials, which have long since caused the viewer to head to the refrigerator. Also weakens long-term memory of your product message.
✗ Is sometimes hard to get. There are usually a limited number of TV spots available, and you may not get the program you want.
✗ Is perhaps the most expensive. There are a lot of production costs related to TV advertising.
✗ Maybe less demographically selective as some other media forms, although cable TV has helped in this category.
✗ Your audience can fluctuate widely. If 10,000 people see your ad one night, a mere 100 might see it the next if a high-interest program airs on another channel.
✗ TV is cost-inefficient when you are after highly focused target markets.
✗ DVDs are helping TV ads get beyond the "invisible ink" problem of broadcast media. A taped program may be viewed again and again On the other hand; your commercial may be fast-forwarded.

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