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System 7 Place

We now return to ancient Greece where the great memorizers first hung out! This was the very system, also known as the LOCI system, that they used. They would walk around their city or town, getting a real feel for their environment.
Sometimes they would explore buildings, or use statues. But they would repeat the same route over and over. Walking it. Similar in many ways to the journey system yet different in that they would be specific about the places that they would go to.

You can do the same, in a couple of different ways. Start with your own house, each room in your house becomes a location place. Just now, in your imagination, see how powerful a mind you have and go into each room in turn and recall what is there, every item, every picture. Spend time making the impression you have as real as possible.

Now decide the order that you are going to walk around your house. Some people choose to walk around it in the order that they do as they get ready in the morning or their bedtime routine. Other people just prefer to work out their own way.

The next stage is one that you are familiar with – simply put each item you want to remember in each location in your house. Make it real. I personally have found that you can use this really well with the story system. Put a key item in the room, and then remember how that key item fits into place in a story. Again, 10 locations in the house (you can include gardens, even the road outside the house is necessary), joined with 10 key items which each have a story containing 10 or more items. You are up to 100 with barely a breath.

But you can take this system further – use friends houses, other houses owned by the family …. How about museums …. Or even towns? Next time you walk down the high street see if you can take note of some of the stores you walk past – the interesting ones at any rate. Bakers have a very strong smell of their own. An optician always has interesting items you find nowhere else. Imagine each item in places that you can recall. And finally , bringing it all together …..Virtual mind mapping! Also known as …..

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