Advanced Memory Techniques

System 3 – body parts (and how to turn 100 into 1000!)

For kinesthetic learners – that is people who learn best by moving around – this is for you! It involves the body and movement, at first anyway. Think of your body as your own filing system, beginning at your feet. There are no numbers involved this time, just placement. The pegs are (in order from bottom to top)



As you will see, there are 10 places once more. For the next ten minutes do the following. Say each part of your body out loud and then touch it. Remember what it feels like – firm, squidgy, lumpy etc.

Leave it for 5 minutes (make a cup of tea or coffee)

Now come back and close your eyes, picture yourself going through the actions again touching each part of the body as you did before BUT ONLY DO IT IN YOUR IMAGINATION, NOT PHYSICALLY. Do this for 5 minutes.

You are now ready to start using your body as the next peg system. Find yourself 10 things and write out a list. In your imagination take each item an attach it to each body part as you go through the list – use power memory booster tips on the way through to reinforce the memory image.

For example, let's say that you wanted to remember a pound of butter from the local store, and it was the third item on the shopping list. You would imagine perhaps that you were on a hot beach somewhere sunbathing, and you had to put some suntan lotion on. Unfortunately you have forgotten it … but you do happen to have some butter in your bag – so you take it out and rub it on your THIGHS.

The way to make this peg system work is moving. And now memorize and recall your own list! Easy wasn’t it?

So how do you turn 100 into 1000 memory places? Using the same principle of BANKS and PATCH, you simply put another layer onto your existing combined system. So the first 100 items take the NUMBER and RHYME combined system, and introduces a new element – your foot! Everything in the first 100 involves kicking it in some way. So if you need to remember goldfish at number 60, you imagine kicking (FOOT) a beehive and at the same time playing bat and ball with a goldfish. If you want to put that same goldfish elsewhere, say number 572, then you would imagine yourself in heaven, and there would be a swan swimming around you nibbling at your waist, which tickles! It makes you laugh so much that you fall over and land on a slimy goldfish.

Remember that you must DECODE the image in the order in which you prefer your systems otherwise you will get confused. In the examples above the order of decode that I have preferred is BODY, RHYME, SHAPE

TIP: When you come to review information it is not necessary to decode the information every time - in fact, it is preferable NOT to do so. I find that once every 3 - 5 reviews is about right. This is because the important part of the memory is the imagery formed, and as you get better at it you will fall into your own patterns of forming images that are understood and easily decodable.

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