The Best Advertising Options for Your Money


The Good-

✔ You get superior quality color on high quality paper, allowing for effective product presentation, if you are willing to pay top dollar.
✔ Great for insertions. You know the way it is with all Sunday papers and magazines --lots of extras which many readers actually buy the publication for in the first place. Many people live to scan and clip coupons.
✔ You get ample opportunity for long copy. Sunday magazines are among the best place to make a long, detailed pitch.
✔ As we said, people love to clip coupons, and this is the place people will most likely use any kind of special insertion, from coupons to sweepstakes, contests or surveys.
✔ Have better chance of repeat exposure to your ad than newspapers or magazines. People tend to hang onto the Sunday paper longer and also give it a better read because they are more relaxed and have more time on Sunday to linger over the paper.
✔ Can reach large numbers of people in a short time.
✔ You can get very creative, as you can with magazines. This means pop-ups, specials inks, scratch-and-sniff --even insertion of product samples.
✔ Distribution of the advertisement to possible nonreaders who might be part of an advertiser's secondary target audience.
✔ Because of high readership and better repetition factor; can be a good deal for your scarce advertising dollar.
✔ Production costs for your ad will be less than all other media, except for newspaper.
✔ Can reach people who do not ordinarily read newspapers or pay attention to other media. Many consider the Sunday paper special.
✔ You get immediate delivery to entire audience --even millions of people --in just one day.
✔ They can have national, regionally, or local distribution, although national is less likely with most Sundays, except the real biggies, such as the New York Times.
✔ Sunday publications have higher penetration and greater readership locally than do competing publications or other media.
✔ You can use dealer listings.

The Bad-

✗ Ads do not force themselves on the reader as in radio or TV. In other words, they are nonintrusive.
✗ No sound or movement in general.
✗ Usually, require advertising materials well in advance of issue date. Some even have longer lead time than magazines.
✗ Relatively inflexible for accommodating last minute changes. Most Sunday ads are set in stone after you issue a check. You won't get a refund.
✗ Frequency is lacking because they only come out on Sundays, and people don't make connections from one Sunday to the next, in most cases.
✗ Are extremely expensive if you want national or regional coverage.
✗ Large space ads are very expensive and they are here today and gone tomorrow most of the time.
✗ Again, they are relatively short-lived and quickly end up lining a bird cage or wrapping a fish.
✗ Are not good for delivering ad messages to young people: teens, young adults, and children.
✗ Most often only expose ad to one person at a time, unlike radio or TV, which can deliver a message to a roomful of people all at once.

In Closing-
Based on what you have learned above, you should now be in a better position to decide which off-line medium is [initially] best for your business, product or service.

We wish you success!


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