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Summary -How to Make Money With CPA

That's a lot of information right there for you to be digesting, so to help you out, let's quickly do a recap on the basics to set you off on your way. Essentially, CPA means 'Cost Per Action' and it means that you pay people forgetting you sales. This can be on a commission basis or it can be a set amount or you might pay per click and just calculate the CPA yourself. There are lots of options here and it's ultimately up to you to think about which platform best suits your niche, your product, your brand and your specific goals. CPA is still quite complicated then and as yet it hasn't been perfected. Still, though, the fact that it potentially offers guaranteed ROI means it's well worth learning and remember: there's nothing to stop you from using Facebook ads and something like AdGateMedia.

In the future, we're likely to see CPA grow more and more which is another reason to get involved now. Everyone who has any knowledge of internet marketing believes that CPA and 'incentivized advertising' is the future of PPC and it's a truly win/win scenario. Anyone who runs a website will earn more from CPA versus AdSense for instance and as an advertiser you can more precisely control your returns. In the future, we're likely to see true CPA come to the bigger networks like Google and Facebook and this will revolutionize the way we advertise on the web. Best get ahead and get started now!

The CPA Success Formula

So with all that in mind, what do you need to do to get started? Just follow these steps to begin making money from CPA.

Step #1 – Create a Product

First of all, you will want to create a product. The best type of product for CPA is likely going to be a digital product such as an ebook, piece of software or course. This way you will have zero overheads and you can much more easily calculate your actual returns.

Step #2 – Create a Landing Page

Next, you'll want a landing page. This is somewhere that you can start selling your product from and which will make it sound like the best thing since sliced bread. The best tool for creating such a page is OptimizePress though there are others available and you can always build one yourself from scratch.

Step #3 – Upload

Now you need to upload everything to the web. Your landing page and the product need hosting, so look for a hosting account and a URL. Check out BlueHost for a good hosting package for beginners and choose a domain name that will describe your product and that will be simple for your audience to recognize.

Step #4 – Choose a Platform

Next, you're going to choose your advertising platform. If you want to do use a true CPA platform, then you will do well to use something like AdGateMedia, AscendMedia or CPALead.Com. For affiliate sales, JVZoo is the best all-rounder. Facebook and Google are also good all-rounders (make sure you also have a Google Analytics account if you're using Google).

Step #5 – Sign Up and Set-Up

Now you need to sign up to the platform and set up your account. Depending on your platform this process will vary and you might find you need to be accepted first and potentially this will involve a call with the platform provider.
You'll also need to set up some other things. For instance, you'll need to add a small amount of code (sometimes called a 'pixel') to the page that you're making your 'goal'.

You'll also need to create your ad or offer and then set your budget, your CPC/CPA and any other settings the platform requires. If you're targeting your audience, you will need to decide exactly which demographics and/or keywords are going to result in the most conversions. Once you've done that, publish your ad and you'll start to make sales!

Step #6 – Monitor and Edit

Now comes the most important part – monitoring and editing your ad. Make sure you are closely watching your ads performance by looking at the stats and metrics and then try making changes to various settings to see what can improve your ROAS. If you get this right you can gradually hone your ad until it's perfectly optimized for bringing in conversions. What you'll be left with are a low CPA and high returns! And that's all there is to it! So give it a go and have a dabble. CPA is a big subject and it can take a while to get good at it but the great thing is that there's no real upfront investment. That means you can try your hand at this process with no fear of failure and with time, practice and patience you can begin to make some major profits. Good luck

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