Article Marketing Simplified

Submitting Articles
eZineArticles is by far the biggest and best article directory on the net. Usually takes a few days to be accepted, but once it is it usually shows up in Google and ranks well within a couple of days. The big downside to eZineArticles is that they don’t allow you to use affiliate links and it needs to be reviewed by a real person before it is published. is another search engine directory for articles. Articles submitted to GoArticles usually achieve good placement with Google, and you are allowed affiliate which link directly to a merchant.
Like GoArticles, they also allow you to submit articles with embedded affiliate links and they are also liked by Google and good for first page rankings.

Good Article Submission Sites:

Other Article Promotion Methods
After you have finished writing your articles, added them to your blog and submitted them to the directories, you might as well get maximum exposure from them - so here are a few other promo methods: – You can take a pack of 5, 10, 15 articles on a similar topic that you have written about and turn them into a PDF ebook with affiliate links embedded. Then list it on eBay and sell it. If you want to go a step further, you can sell it with either master resell rights or even private label rights. – This is a free classified ad site that a lot of people use to put ads on which can also help to get good Google rankings. You need to target keywords that have at least 500 searches and less than 1,000 results. – You can use Squidoo to create a lens for each product you promote and then send people directly to the affiliate sales page or even to your blog (see below) for reviews and additional info, just as you would with your blog – You can create a MySpace profile for each product that you wish to promote. – You can also post one (no more or it may be removed) ad to CraigsList to get additional traffic/sales.


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