4 Keys To Writing Articles That Can Generate HUGE Traffic And Income

Step 4 – Call To Action

Our final step is the call to action. This is what you want your reader to do after they’re done reading your article.
The mistake a lot of article writers make, when creating a call to action, is to drop a standard bio at the end of the article.

For example, they will do something like this.
“Dr. John Doe is a respected PhD in the field of psychiatry. He is a graduate of Yale and has worked for the US government for the past 15 years. If you’d like more information on Dr. Doe’s work, you can visit his site at www.url.com”

I hate to break this to you. Nobody cares about who you are or what you’ve done with your life. The only thing they care about is what you can do for them.
How can YOU help THEM?

If you don’t make that clear in your call to action, you won’t get people to your site to purchase whatever it is you want them to purchase.

Now…this call to action for Dr. John Doe will perform much better.
“Can’t shake your depression? Tried everything and NOTHING works? Visit Dr. John Doe’s site and discover how YOU can cure your depression in as little as 7 days…GUARANTEED.”

THAT is what readers want to see…a solution to their problem. They don’t care who you are. They just want their problem to go away.

If you get nothing else out of this report, get this much. You MUST give people a good reason to want to go to your site.

That you’re a PhD in psychiatry isn’t going to cut it.
Here is a simple blueprint for a call to action that works wonders.

 Remind them of their pain

 Give them a site to go to

 Tell them what they’re going to get when they go to the site

It’s really THAT simple.
If you do these three things, you will find that your articles will bring more visitors to your web page than ever before.

Some Final Words

I would like to say that one of those four steps is more important that the other. But the truth is, if you screw up even just ONE of them, your article is going to suffer greatly for it.

Think of an article as a sports team. Sure, no one player (unless you were Michael Jordan) is irreplaceable but the loss of a key member is going to hurt the team somewhat.

Now, when your team is only composed of 4 members, such as our 4 steps to article writing success, what happens if we lose one of them? You’ve essentially lost ¼ of your team. That’s a substantial loss.

Think about it.

If the topic isn’t one that’s popular, there will be very few people to read it. Even if everything else is good, you’re still dealing with a limited number of readers and therefore, limited earning potential.

If the title doesn’t grab somebody’s attention, it doesn’t matter that there are tons of readers out there interested in the subject. The title will keep them from even reading the article if it doesn’t excite them.

If the article is poorly structured, people will stop reading midway through. How far they get will depend on how poor the structure is. If they stop reading, that means they don’t get down to the call to action. That means they don’t make it to your site.

Finally, if the call to action is weak, the reader simply won’t follow it. That means everything that came before it was for nothing. So as you can see, every piece of your article is important.


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