4 Keys To Writing Articles That Can Generate HUGE Traffic And Income

Step 2 – The Title

After the topic, the next step is the title. This is another area where article writers really drop the ball.
The reason is because a lot of people who write don’t believe that the title is really that important. It’s the meat of the article that really matters. And in a way, that’s correct. If what’s inside isn’t good, the article doesn’t accomplish what it’s setting out to do.

But…nobody is going to READ the article if the title doesn’t get them to WANT to read it.
And with all other things being equal, that’s what separates a good article from a bad one…the title.
Bad titles are all over the place but they’re so hard to pick out because they’re subtly bad. What do I mean by subtle?
Here’s an example of a subtly bad article title.

“How To Polish Silverware”
Okay, so what’s wrong with it? It certainly tells the reader what they’re going to find in the article itself. It’s direct and to the point. How can this be a bad title?
Here’s how.

Tell me honestly. Does THAT title get YOU excited? It sure doesn’t do anything for me.
But…what if we tried something like this?
“How To Get Your Silverware Looking Like New”

Now THAT is an article title that generates excitement. Think about it. People who have dirty silverware want to clean it. Sure…but…wouldn’t they RATHER have it looking like new if they had the choice?
I mean if you’re into silverware (I guess there are some people who are) you want it to look its best. Well, cleaning it MIGHT be sufficient, BUT…getting it to look like new is a deal breaker.
THAT is what silverware owners REALLY want.

When you sit down to write a title, think about what YOU would want to see to get YOU excited.
Now, that doesn’t mean you lie about what’s in your article. Lying is a nono and to be avoided at ALL costs. But you want to paint your article in the best light possible.

Take this title.
“How To Bake A Chocolate Cake”
Again, this is boring as hell. But what if we did this?
“A Mouth Watering Chocolate Cake Recipe”
Think that won’t get people interested in reading your article?
Use adjectives. Paint pictures.
In short…don’t be a bore.

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