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One of the most profitable ways of making money from CPA is to create niche targeted websites. Earlier I touch briefly on creating blogs and targeting your blog to your CPA offers, I’m going to now focus on that in more detail. As usual, my recommended script for creating these sites is WordPress. Now before we proceed to set up WordPress and creating the site, we need to take a look at the inventory of the CPA companies. Log into your CPA networks and go through the offers available. What you are doing is looking for offers that pay well, have good affiliate banners and images that you can use on your site, along with having a good landing page. For the sake of an example, let’s say that we decided we wanted to promote an offer that promotes weight loss. We review the offers in the weight loss category, and we’ve decided that an “Acai Berry” product is the one we’ll select. In some networks, you may have more than one “Acai Berry” product available, so we select the one with the best landing page and highest payout that offers a free trial.

We have now selected a “niche” which is weight loss, and a product which is an “Acai Berry” product. It’s now time to dig deeper into what we’ll be talking about on the blog that we are about to set up. To find topics to discuss we need to do some keyword research. There are a variety of tools that you can use for your keyword research, but there are two main tools that I like to use.

 Google Keywords External Tool
 Free Word Tracker

In our “Acai Berry” example, we input the keyword “Acai Berry” into both the Google Keywords External Tool and Free Word Tracker. We then analyze the results. Based on the results we’ll then take a few of the long tail keywords, which are keywords that have a higher chance of achieving top rankings, along with more “buyer” oriented keywords. A “buyer oriented” keyword is usually associated with a product name. For example, when I searched for “acai berry” among the results were “acai berry” products that were available for sale. These specific product names are what I call “buyer oriented”. It means these people are looking for a specific product and more than likely if that product can be shown in a positive light, they’ll be inclined to buy.

A nonbuyer keyword would be “acai berry research”. The people who search for that keyword may buy your product, but they may just be looking for more information on “Acai Berry” in general. What you want to target with your blog are those keywords where people are looking to take action. If you wanted to take this a step further you can narrow your keyword research even further by using the keyword “buy acai berry” this way you are presented with the keywords people are using that want to buy the product now. By focusing on the “buy” keyword in front of the product category, you are getting the people who are ready to buy.

Another tips is to simply replace the word “buy” with “purchase” and you’ll find another set of people who are ready to buy. You can also input the word “review” and you’ll find people who are looking for feedback, and these people can turn into buyers as well.

Now that you’ve got your keywords, then the next step is to register a keyword rich domain name that includes the keyword of your niche. In this case the niche is “acai berry” so you would want to register a keyword with the keywords “acai berry” at the beginning of the domain name. Once you’ve registered the domain name, you can now begin to set up WordPress and start writing or posting articles that cater specifically to the keywords you have researched. If one of the keywords researched was “best acai berry to buy” then that should be the title of your post, along with providing a short article about the topic. Of course the “best acai berry to buy” that you would be recommending is your CPA offer.

You do this for all your “buyer keywords” and you’ll have a blog that focuses on long tail keywords specific to buyers who are going to be interested in the CPA offer that you are promoting. This is the best way to go about creating sites that are based off your CPA offers. This same technique can work for every CPA product that you will be promoting. Your goal is simply to research CPA products, find buyer keywords that relate to your product, register keyword rich domain name, and post articles on your blog that are based off your keyword research.

If you can follow this simple guideline you can create a network of blogs that promote a variety of your CPA offers. This way you will have a blog for every CPA offer you promote. It’s important that you do it this way, instead of packing all your CPA offers on one blog. Each site needs to be tailored to your specific CPA offer.

 Articles Money Machine

Another great way of making solid profits from CPA offers is by writing articles and submitting them to article directories. My focus with my article writing has always been since they generate the most traffic out of all the directories.

That’s not to say that you cannot have good success with others, it’s just that it’s my personal favorite.

We’ve already gone through the process of selecting a CPA product, so I’m assuming at this stage you’ll know what offer you would like to promote.

To keep the examples uninformed, I’m going to go with “Acai Berry” again as the example CPA offer. Using the same keyword research that we’ve done previously, we would now have a set of keywords that we would want to target, and the articles we’ll be writing will be based off these keywords.

By default, you can only submit a maximum of 10 articles to when you register your first account. You should write ten high-quality articles that focus on your major keywords and submit them to
You need to keep in mind that your resource box needs to be targeted to your CPA product. For example, your article discusses the “benefits of acai berry” then in your Resource Box, you’ll have a text “soft promoting” your CPA offer. I mentioned “soft promoting” since you do not want it to sound like a blatant infomercial. Instead, make it appear more as a recommendation. It’s best to not the direct link to the CPA offer, but instead, you can create a frame box for the offer that re-directs off your actual website.

This should be done for all your links within the article directories. You are allowed two links in your resource box, so one can be to your “main blog” site that utilizes the creating sites for CPA offer method, and the second link will point to your CPA offer but using the masked page mentioned above. With your ten articles written for, then the next step is to write ten more articles, but this time these articles will be submitted to the other directories. You can mass submit these articles to as many directories as you want. Just ensure that these ten articles differ from the ones you submitted to

You can use the software by Brad Callen for mass article submission: Use the software above to mass submit your ten articles and ensure that your resource box is set to have two backlinks. One backlink to your main blog site and one backlink that points directly to your CPA offer that is based on your main site. You repeat this process for every CPA offer niche that you have. By utilizing this technique you are giving link juice to your niche CPA offer blogs, along with being able to achieve a few sales by direct linking to your CPA offer through a frame re-direct.

Another tip that is very important is to review the top articles and authors within the niche you are promoting. For example, if your offer is “acai berry” then your niche maybe “weight loss” so you would want to review the top authors in that category along with the top articles in that category to follow what they are doing to ensure you receive as many views as possible.

If you write your articles targeted to the specific buyer and long tail keywords, there is a good chance your article can rank in the top ten for those specific keywords.

To further increase your chances of your articles ranking high, you can take it a step further by social bookmarking each article you submit. The easiest free way of going about social bookmarking is to use the site 

 Killer Review Sites

One of the more popular ways of making money with CPA is to create review based sites. For example, if you are promoting a product called “Acai Berry Blast” then your site would be set up to write a review for that product along with other “Acai Berry” products. Your entire site is geared around writing reviews based on the main niche, which in this case is “Acai Berry”. That’s basically what review sites are all about. Your goal is to find at least three products within the niche, and rate and review the three products. Of course, your CPA offer product should be ranked the best among the three products. The review needs to appear as natural as possible, so you do not over hype any of the products or totally belittle any of the products. You try to sound as objective as possible while pointing out the pros and cons of each product.

Once you’ve finished with your review, now you’ll have a site that provides what the people are searching for, which is reviews on specific products. You can also simply create a simple HTML template for the review site as well, since the site will just be based on these reviews and nothing more. Just remember that after reviewing all the products, that you then give a final conclusion and list your recommended product which will be your CPA offer. These are some sites that are using the “review method” of creating review sites to convert CPA offers. These sites were live at the writing of this eBook and may have changed.

 This site reviews 5 acai berry products. This shows how you can model your site by more or less reviewing 5 products, but I would recommend that you use a much cleaner template, along with having the border of the images not be framed.

 This site is a bit nicer than the one above; it also reviews the top five acai berry products. Each product is an affiliate product so no matter which product is selected they are paid a commission.

As you can see these review sites are geared towards having one product listed as a superior product. In most cases, the product that is listed as the number one product is the one that has the highest commission. From what I noticed it’s usually ranked based on the payout. Many users have tried to raise their conversion rate with CPA offers is by using a slightly varying tactic of the review technique. Instead of writing review comparison, they set up a site based off a “user’s experience” with a product. Example site: That blog is set up as a user testimonial site for a CPA product.

 PPC Smart Jump

When you are setting up a PPC campaign for promoting CPA offers it can be a hit or miss depending on the campaign being promoted. That’s why it’s going to be critical that you do some split tests when promoting your CPA offers, as some offers will convert while others may bomb. The first network that I like to test my offers with is Google Adwords. It’s fast and easy to get setup, and you could start seeing conversions quickly if you have a winning campaign. The most important aspect though of your PPC campaign will be how much you pay per click for your ad and this will be based off your niche. If we try the example like before which was “acai berry” then the competition in that niche for PPC is fierce, so to get any exposure you will need to be prepared to place a high bid. The bid range for that keyword can range from $1-4 per click on average. Your bid amount though can drop if you utilize the “buyer keywords” as mentioned earlier in the report. The keywords that focus on specific product names will usually have a lower per click rate than the “generic” terms. The searches may be less but the per click rate will be lower and should be less competition in general. Your main competition will perhaps be from those trying to promote the product as well.

For Google Adwords PPC it is best to use the Google Keyword External Tool, you’ll find keywords with a low CPC that are still receiving enough traffic to warrant bids. Your goal will be to get as many of these keywords as possible, and when combined these keywords can give you enough traffic to generate a good income from your CPA offers.

When you create your ads for PPC with Google it is best to have your ad units tightly knit together in terms of the keywords. Do not stuff each ad group with a bunch of keywords that do not relate to each other. For example, you take your main ad group keyword, which in this case we’ll say is “buy acai” and within that ad group all the words will be about “buy acai”. You can have keywords such as “buy acai online” or “buy acai supplements”. The ad group would have these types of ads within the group under that main keyword term.

You’ll also create a variety of ads within the group to match the keywords. Finally, once your ad groups are targeted and created, the landing pages for each of your ad groups need to be relevant. This means that for best results and to achieve a high-quality score from Google, that your landing page is set up to target the keywords within your ad group. The more targeted your landing page is to your ad group, the better your quality score will be for your Google PPC campaign. Keep in mind that with your quality score, it means, in the long run, your cost per bid will drop, which is the ultimate goal. You want to pay as little as possible for the traffic you receive, so you’ll need to make the extra effort to keep your ad groups targeted along with your landing pages.

Keep testing your campaigns, and eliminate the ad groups that are not performing or having a poor CTR. If you keep ads with poor CTR (Click Through Ratio) it will have an adverse effect on your entire campaign, so you will want to continue to tweak your ads until you’ve reached an optimal CTR. Always remember that with PPC it’s not a set and forget method until you’ve truly had a winning ad. To achieve this it will take testing, you’ll have some winners, and you’ll have some losers. This information is primarily for Google, but it can work the same in the other ad networks as well.

 Social Marketing Connection

Myspace and Facebook both started as a way for people to keep in touch with their friends, family, meet new people and basically for people to network with each other. With millions of people being members of these two social networks, it’s become somewhat of a gold mine for marketers. Both Facebook and Myspace have developed advertising platforms that now allow you to market your offers to their audience. By opening up their platforms to advertisements people can now target their offers to specific audiences. With Myspace, you can get started pretty easily. That link takes you directly to Myspace’s advertising program. You can get started for as little as $25 and start driving targeted clicks to your CPA offers. Before you rush off and start your campaign, you should first take note that the audience for Myspace tends to be a younger audience, so it may be harder to sell them on actual products where they have to “spend money”. Therefore when going through your CPA offers, it is best that you focus on offers that match Myspace’s audience. Since you can select the demographics, you can even target the older folks on Myspace, that way you can target those who are more willing to “spend money”. From my experience, I would only market products where you have to spend money to those over the age of 30, especially if you’re going to be promoting weight loss related CPA offers. Another tip for Myspace is that you want to come originally with your campaign. Your ad should be set up in such a way that it feels like you are talking directly to the person viewing the ad.

Do not make it into a pitch such as “Lose 10lbs in 2 Days” but instead you can say “Are You Struggling To Lose Weight?” This is a more effective title, and in the body of the message you would highlight that you’ve been there as well, and mention that you found a product that worked well for you. That ad can be pretty efficient on Myspace. The same goes for Facebook as well. The link above is for Facebook’s advertising system. You can get started immediately, but there is a delay in the approval system. You have to wait for your ads to be approved by ad manager. The best way to figure out what types of ads are being accepted on Facebook is to actually log into your facebook account and review the ads being displayed. It’s possible that you’ll see a few CPA offers being promoted, and since Facebook is so large, you can directly compete for a piece of the pie by promoting that same offer.

It’s very important that your ad is very enticing since Facebook places a lot of relevance on CTR. If your ad is having a good CTR then they’ll show your ad more often. If they show your ad to thousands of people, and it’s not receiving any clicks, your ad may be buried. This means fewer impressions, which by default will result in little to no clicks. Therefore it will be crucial that the ad you create is very thought provoking and really enticing enough that the user will want to review what you have to offer. A lot of campaigns for good offers die quickly due to having a poor title, so take the time to review the offers you are seeing each day. If you see the same ad popping up often, it may mean that the title works, the offer is converting, and therefore you can duplicate it.

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