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Pay per Lead

Pay Per Lead is a very profound marketing technique. In this method, you refer sales lead to a merchant by some means like referral through your website or by sending emails to users describing the salient features of the merchant’s products. The objective is to send a potential customer to the merchant's website. For your effort in sending this sales lead, the merchant pays you a commission. These technological marvels have given scope to find visitors whether it is from your own website or from the emails sent by you. Here your job is limited to sending leads only, NOT sales.

Most importantly pay per lead is a pre-sale. The customer does not have to buy any product or service for him to be paid. The customer needs to visit only; prominently he has to show interest. Pay per Lead generally is done either by clicking links like Google Adsense or filling out forms showing the interest level of the customers, where the forms are to be submitted online. On receiving the form, the merchant starts applying his marketing techniques through various modes of interaction to convert the lead to a sale.

Let us take an example of Paypal (, the virtual bank. Paypal pays you a sum of $5, when some referrals of yours sign up with PayPal. The most profound logic for the most renowned marketing giants is when an inquiry shows interest in your product or services and then half the marketing is accomplished. This based on the notion that an uninterested person will hardly waste his time is making a phone call or submitting the form for a product.

Lifetime commission

These are very special affiliate programs where the merchant commits to pay you for a longer duration. Say, you have generated a lead, which has been buying products or services in several occasions; the merchant also pays you for each sale. So, it becomes a lifetime earning for you for every sale made by the merchant to the customer/ consumer, you refer. You recommend just once and then money comes to you automatically for his every purchase. You hardly need any further effort or time to facilitate this lifetime earning. The merchant pays you a percentage of the money paid by the referrals for purchasing their goods or services. Your bank account gets flattened because the commission accumulates. You might compare them with Amway or Pioneer eBizz.

Pay per Sales

This is categorically targeted at the marketing people. Unlike pay per lead, here one earns money if and only if the lead is truly converted to sales, which means he is to buy something from the merchant to make you eligible for payment. Here the merchant pays a direct commission, which is significantly more than pay per lead.

If a company can sell his products or services through referrals without the establishment cost of a lucrative shopping mall, why should he mind to pay a huge commission? After all, his headache for overhead and staff management is getting reduced. In reality, the equation does not read so simple. Generally, renowned shopping malls or brands also sell through pay per sale for stock clearance or a sales boost. These are also called pay per action.

Now to generate pay per sales kind of issues, one needs to learn the very professional way of writing content and emails. You may watch the Advertisements all over, how they present their ideas in a most concise manner. The follow-up emails should be highly professional. So, you may opt for reading articles or for learning the art of writing emails. One may find not only plenty of books but also a major number of websites and articles that are talking on writing utility based emails. You will find enormous books on Internet marketing like “Internet Marketing Basics 101”, “Internet Marketing Secrets”, some of which also come up with tutorials through a video, CD or demonstration.

Resale Rights

This is again for a hardcore salesperson to prove his potential without any target given by your boss. As a rule of law, the merchants send products to the dealers, from where the products reach the small outlets of your area. They also get a commission for each sale and you can also start earning commission for each sale. What do you need to do? You sell products that were developed by other people or company. You get the resale rights and the after-sales service also becomes your responsibility. Generally, the warranty/guarantee is executed by the original manufacturer. How should you go ahead? Essentially, you will buy the right to sell these products. Don’t get confused with licensing, because this is more than licensing.

After purchasing the rights, you are even entitled to keep the entire amount. There are a few who retain a minimum percentage. If the original merchant is to provide the service, then the royalty percentage becomes much higher. The product range varies from software to software or even an education portal. So, you can again select as per your contacts and target sectors. The significant advantage is you can excel without any interference from anybody and that too from the cozy comfort of your home.


The day has come, when the advertisers leave no stone unturned for selling their products. In the old days, it had started with hoarding/ banners while today one can find the tabloids and other new methods. Can you even imagine that somebody will pay you just for driving your car carrying the advertiser’s logo/ banners/ hoarding? The reality, however, conforms to that. The most important part is that one can find such advertisements of ‘Get paid to Drive’ on the Internet itself. Never worry, the companies NOT only pay the petrol expenses but also for insurance and obviously of your car.

Discount shopping is a very favorable marketing strategy. Look for the merchant and start negotiating bulk rates with him and accordingly offer the discount on your own website. You earn the money without any further efforts or payment. Another such innovative way is Free Gifts. Perhaps this is meant for offering heartiest thanks with a personal touch for spending your valuable time upon visiting my web site. Anything that comes free is always welcome. Isn’t it? But some of them are really costly that can even change your lifestyle. So, Don’t delay! You may miss the bus.

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