Make Money OFFLINE From Local Businesses

Simple Method 3:

The 3rd method of making easy cash from offline businesses is to offer Myspace/Facebook page creation services. EVERY big name business nowadays has a Myspace page or a Facebook page which is a great selling point for this service.

Once you explain the benefits of social networking, building Granted, a lot of businesses might already have one or they know how to set it up...but many will not. These are the ones you must find and then offer to create one for them.

Some businesses might have a Myspace page but not a Facebook, or vice versa. Some businesses might need you to "pimp" their Myspace page.

You can charge anywhere from $50-100 EASILY to set-up a Myspace or Facebook page for a local offline business. How many of these do you think you can do in a week?!

Plus, it should only take an hour at most (more like 15 minutes!) to set up one of these pages for your client, so the labor involved is not difficult at all, therefore $100 is worth it.

If you can charge more and you feel like it's appropriate then by all means, do it!

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