Make Money OFFLINE From Local Businesses

Simple Method 1:

One simple thing you can do is offer article marketing services to a local business. You can explain to them the benefits of article marketing, such as the traffic it can potentially bring their website, the leads it could generate for them, the SEO benefits of having back links from articles, etc.

If you are an article writer, you might be getting anywhere from $1.50 -$17+ per article online, but most freelancers get about $3-7 per article on average.

However, when you offer article marketing for offline businesses (to promote their business and/or their website) -- you can charge A LOT I have gotten anywhere from $25-50 per article from offline businesses and they are more than happy with the results. Plus, most businesses will want you to write 10-20 per month for them once you explain how article marketing really works. If you can't write an article to save your can always outsource to an online freelancer that produces quality work. Heck, even if you paid a freelancer $10 per article you would still bank a very nice profit!

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