Generating Daily Traffic To Your Website Quickly

SEO: Keyword/Phrase Placement

This feature has already been mentioned above, but it pays to always reiterate this fact – good placement in search engine results pages help to generate more traffic as the exposure and visibility of the site and its offerings are enhanced through such a process.

Using keywords is the key here, no pun intended. Concise and related keywords will help to funnel the search to your site, despite competitors’ presence as it has geared the search to find it more easily. Keywords should also be well chosen. Generation, locations, and slang may play a part in here, as different people may not use the same
word to define a product or information. Providing a varied list of keywords helps cover this base nicely.

Optimizing pages themselves for SEO placement (keywords, working links, tags) further enhances the probability of good placement on results pages. Another option could be to generally increase the number of keywords
and their recurrence on the site as a whole.

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